New app offers social recruitment for on-campus clubs

By: Alaina Tepper, Contributing Writer

After struggling to get connected with campus clubs, seniors Nick Schultz and Ellis Dukehart of York College of Pennsylvania came up with the idea for an app called “Campus.”

The app connects students to clubs and organizations at their college and allows groups to post about upcoming events. The app is especially helpful for recruiting new members as well as helping groups raise money for their philanthropies.

According to the co-founders, “Campus” has been in development since December and should be launching at the beginning of March. Schultz and Dukehart have begun collaboration with York College, McDaniel College and Towson University, so these schools will be the first to receive access to the app.

“We think it’s going to overall make a more tight-knit community,” Schultz said.

Schultz and Dukehart also plan to give 50 cents to organizations and clubs any time a member downloads an app advertised in the “Campus” app. While it may not seem like much up front, it can definitely add up.

“[For] example, a club with 50 people [who all] download two advertised applications a week will make $200 a month,” Schultz said.

Although profit is one aspect of the app, the main goal is to help college students.

“We want to help people that haven’t found their place on campus,” Schultz said. “Not only will individual students benefit, [but] clubs, Greek organizations and interest groups will now have the ability to post events and information in a place where people want the information.”

With many platforms to find out about ways to get involved, the co-founders believe that cell phone use is an underutilized method.

“What we want to do is take all the information that’s available on campus and put it all in one spot on the cell phone, because that’s where most people our age have their eyes,” Schultz said.

Dukehart and Schultz believe once the app is launched and running, it will become self-sustaining.

“Every new year that there’s a new class [of students] coming in, we want them to download the app and have access to that network of people,” Schultz said.

In the future, they hope to make the app more personalized for each school as well as create a feature to involve alumni so they can keep up to date with their old groups. Look for the “Campus” app available to download on March 7.

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