New health food market open in Towson

By: Deb Greengold, Staff Writer
Deb Greengold/ The Towerlight


Sprouts Farmers Market, an organic and fresh produce-focused grocery store opened off of Goucher Boulevard this summer, replacing HHGregg. The Towson store followed the opening of another Sprouts Farmers Market in Ellicott City, which opened in March.

The newly built market is located only seven minutes away from Towson University.

The market is similar to places like Trader Joe’s and The Fresh Market, which both also have locations in the Towson area.

A recent article by Tanza Loudenback published by Business Insider described the store as “the perfect blend of Trader Joe’s prices and Whole Foods quality.”

Anna Couchenour, a junior who has been vegetarian for seven years, shared how she hopes the market will help the community have access to healthier eating options.

“I think it will change eating habits at Towson,” Couchenour said. “If something is made accessible, people are likely to at least try it or incorporate it into routine. It also allows for the people around Towson to have new options that may be different than what they are used to. Being healthier is always positive, as you are doing your body a favor.”

Although some students, like Couchenour, are excited about the new market, other students at Towson feel as though the pricing is too steep for the college environment.

Sophie Nolan, a senior, said that area’s new grocery store’s “style is fine; it’s the cost that is a problem.”

“Most college students can’t afford $6 jars of tomato sauce, or 27 percent vanilla extract, and they are better off going to Trader Joe’s or [Aldi] for reasonable prices,” Nolan said. “I can get all of the produce I got at Sprouts for half the cost at Aldi’s or [Trader Joe’s].”

“I am happy to see more grocery stores focused on fresh produce open up in the area,” Nolan added. “Variety is always great for the consumer to find the best deals, as well as offer options to people with dietary restrictions like gluten allergies, dairy intolerances, or vegan preferences.”

Only time will tell if the new grocer will become a favorite amongst Towson students.



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