New Towerlight EIC wants to tell your story

By: Carley Milligan, Editor-in-Chief

This time last year I can remember preparing to take over the role of Arts and Life Editor after my good friend and colleague Daryllee Hale decided to step down from her position.

At the time, I was terrified.

Although I had been writing for The Towerlight since before I even moved onto campus my freshman semester, I had never really imagined myself taking an editor’s position, and certainly not as a sophomore. Looking back, I cannot begin to describe what a difference this past year has made.

I started college as an incredibly quiet and dependent 17-year-old and have transformed into a completely new person. I have stepped outside my comfort zone and learned what it is like to approach complete strangers every day and talk to individuals both on and off campus about a range of topics. I have had the opportunity to interview celebrities, campus guests, professors and faculty. I have recruited new writers and Towerlight contributors and tried my best to be there for them and help them in whatever way possible. I have held meetings, made big decisions, written cover stories and spearheaded projects.

Now, as Editor-in-Chief, I am ready and incredibly excited to take on a whole new list of initiatives. First and foremost, I intend to keep up the incredible work that our previous editor, Jonathan Munshaw, has put his heart and soul into for the past two years. They will certainly be large Ron Swanson-sized shoes, but I will do my best to fill them.

Second, I want The Towerlight to have more of a presence on Towson’s campus. I would like the names and faces of the members of our editorial board and staff to become known on campus so that students feel more encouraged to reach out to us. I want the door to our office, room 309 in the University Union, to always been open and I want to give Towson’s campus and community a voice for the many projects, events and initiatives that take place here every single day. This also means letting readers know that while yes, we do take our role as journalists very seriously, we are also just your everyday college students.

So third, I would like The Towerlight to not only continue to cover the serious and newsworthy stories, but also act as a source of entertainment and a resource for readers. Providing content that is not only true and relevant but also meaningful and important to students in their daily life is a significant goal that I hope to achieve in the coming year.   

Stepping into this position amidst all that has been taking place in Baltimore this past weekend was the first of the many challenging and rewarding situations that I am certain are still to come. However, I hope that during this time and beyond The Towerlight can continue to be a reliable source for students and Towson community members. With a strong editorial team behind me I am confident that we will be able to continue to improve upon The Towerlight’s reputation as your campus and community news source. 

I am also always happy to speak to anyone who may have any questions or concerns and can be reached in the office or by email at [email protected]. I am very eager to begin this journey, and cannot wait to hear from each of you to help you tell your Towson story. 

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