Old jokes fall flat in reboot

By: Caitlin Moynihan, Columnist

Like many people, I was thrilled when it was announced that after 15 long year of waiting, we were finally getting a Zoolander sequel.

During the beginning phases of the film, I was impressed with their marketing and campaigning strategy.

From Derek Zoolander having his own verified Instagram account, covering an actual issue of Vogue to having celebrity appearances and promotions, I’m pretty sure that even the animals that live under rocks know about “Zoolander 2.”

I wasn’t surprised about the amount of press that the movie received, especially because of how the original has become such a classic. After only a few months of seeing advertisements though, I began to get annoyed with Derek and Hansel’s behavior.

I could no longer sympathize with their stupidity and laugh at their ignorance.

The society that we  live in has changed so much since we first met the supermodel duo in 2001, and while we, as an audience, have evolved, they have stayed the same. There were good intentions behind the creation of “Zoolander 2,” but those intentions were definitely not portrayed correctly.

The movie was released in theaters Feb. 12 and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a positive review as the days go by. The jokes are stale, the acting is subpar and the several celebrity cameos did nothing but add an extra layer of confusion.

My main problem with “Zoolander 2” was how they relied on jokes modeled after the original Zoolander to maintain its audience. I felt like I was watching a re-mastered version of Zoolander, not a continuation of the storyline.

Once again, the two must look past their differences with the help of a super-hot woman, this time played by Penelope Cruz, to take down Mugatu, who now has a partner-in-crime played by Kristen Wiig.

On paper, this should have been a home-run, but in reality it is the bench player that cost the team the championship.

As much I disliked “Zoolander 2,” I am doing everything in my power to not let it skew my feelings toward the original.

If you wish to maintain your current feelings for Hansel and Derek, I suggest you refrain from seeing the sequel.

Or you can follow my dad’s advice and see it straight to DVD, and if you know Michael Moynihan, than you know it really must be bad.

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