One World Cafe offers vegetarian delights

By: Sierra Underdue, Columnist

Are you a vegetarian or vegan who is tired of going out to eat and struggling to find something on the menu that caters to your dietary needs? Worry no more, because I have found the place for you.

Located around Johns Hopkins University area is the funky, sophisticated and hipster haven called the One World Café, a café, bar and restaurant whose menu is completely vegan and vegetarian. That’s right, the entire menu!

This place was actually voted one of the best places to eat by the Baltimore Collegetown Network, which is what drew me to trying it out for myself.

Now, those who are not vegan or vegetarian may be wondering what this place can possibly offer and, as a carnivore myself, I was very impressed and satisfied with my meal. There is definitely something for everyone here.

The staff was very warm, welcoming and prompt with their service. If they have some down time, they will surely take the time to talk and laugh with you.

The One World Café is best known for their breakfast and brunch options. During my visit, I decided to get what they call the House Omelet (after freaking out that I would find nothing I liked) and a glass of iced coffee.

The omelet was stuffed with fresh sautéed spinach, tomatoes, and cheese and topped with bean sprouts. The platter also came with home fries and toast. It was nothing short of amazing.

There was an ever-present fresh taste in every bite that really packed a punch. The blend of spinach and tomatoes made a good combo and the home fries were well cooked and seasoned. The toast was multi grain, and if you eat it with butter or even by itself, it is really good.

I left feeling very full and healthy because of the overwhelming fresh taste of the meal. It is very clear that they use only the best ingredients and handle the food with care.

Depending on what you get, you can expect to spend between $15-$20, but it is well worth it because the food portions are generous.

Even if you are not necessarily in the mood to eat, the One World Café proves to be a cool place to hang out, or study as there is a separate section of the place to lounge or there is a bar with a variety of beers, wines and cocktails.

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