Overman, Knight crowned after pageant debut

By: Sarah Van Wie, Staff Writer 

All ten members of this year’s Homecoming Court introduced themselves to students Wednesday evening during campus’ annual Homecoming pageant in the West Village Ballrooms.

“We host the pageant to promote the court nominees for homecoming,” senior and Homecoming Committee Chair Valeria Miranda said. “It is a great way to showcase who they are as nominees and show the student body who they are as Towson students.”

Court members Daniel Andrades, Ayana Bowman, Will Knight, Mary Rose Pedron, Jeromy Russel, Ethan Williams, Saraubi Harrison, Joshua Reeves, Dominique Overman and Baylie Braverman were all in the running for Homecoming King and Queen, before Overman and Knight claimed the crowns on Saturday.

The Tiger Tones opened the pageant with acappella versions of “Hands to Myself” by Selena Gomez and a mashup of  “Again” by Fetty Wap and “Sorry” by Justin Bieber.

Last year’s Student Government Association President Kurt Anderson, Residence Life coordinators Brandy Hall and Titus Adeleke, and Program Management Specialist Paulomi Dholakia judged the pageant.

The panel asked each candidate one serious question and one funny question. The serious question was, ‘What would you say about your personal Towson experience and involvement to persuade someone to come here?’

Each of the candidates received a different silly question that was drawn randomly from a bucket by the judges. One silly question was, ‘What would you do if you were a duck for a day?’

To include this year’s of homecoming theme, TU Road Trip, each nominee came up to the stage and presented three personal, favorite road trip items and their favorite roadtrip song.

For the final event of the pageant the nominees demonstrated their special talents. Nominees demonstrated motivational speeches, stand-up comedy acts, vocal performances, slam-poetry performances, dance performances, hypnotizing acts and dog training demonstrations.

“My favorite part of the pageant was Josh’s group singing,” freshman Malak ElGammal said. “It was really touching.”

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