Paint night brings students together

By: Deb Greengold, Staff Writer


With the semester settling in, Towson’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) has begun hosting events to preoccupy students during the weekends at TU. This past Friday was no exception.


CAB hosted a late night Jam and Paint session for students in West Village Ballrooms, in collaboration with TU’s Housing Residence Life (HRL).

Some students who attended the event, like sophomore and biology major Sofia Pramagioulis, found out about the paint night through social media.

“So I follow CAB [on social media],” said Pramagioulis. “[I also] like painting and I said I needed something new for my dorm room.”

Pramagioulis decided to attend the event with the hopes of creating artwork she could use as dorm decor. In addition to obtaining the DIY piece, she also obtained new additions to her social circle.

“There are so many different opportunities to make friends with people that you have never seen before on campus,” Pramagioulis said. “Then all of a sudden, after you see them at the event, you see them everywhere.”

At the Jam and Paint night, students were able to walk in, grab a canvas and sit at a table with fellow TU students to mingle with one another until given further instructions. Various finger-food options, like onion rings, tater tots and meatballs, were available to the attendees as they waited. There was also a DJ playing music that brought some nostalgia to the event, blasting early 2000s tunes like The Proud Family theme song, NSYNC hits, and Cupid Shuffle. According to Pramagioulis, all of these factors tied together to create a relaxing and fun night.

“Barely anyone knows how to [paint] really well, so we can all kind of come together and be bad painters together,” Pramagioulis said. “The event takes away a lot of stress especially from the first couple weeks of school.”

According to CAB’s marketer and TU junior Raquel Hernandez, CAB’s main goals are to create events for everyone and to encourage student engagement throughout the school year.

“There was a large turn out for this specific event,” Hernandez said. “It was great to see all the students. You can tell that a lot of them were freshmen, so it’s good to see them coming out to some of the events.”

“We would really appreciate people coming out to more of these events,” Hernandez added. “That is how you meet people and found out [about] things that you are interested in.”

The Jam and Paint night is just one of the events that both CAB and HRL planned to hold this semester. Both groups advise Towson students to check social media to be updated on upcoming events that could make for a nice weekend experience.


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