Pat Hiban presents six steps to success to Real Estate Club

By: Paige Sudol, Staff Writer

On Thursday, March 26, Pat Hiban, a top selling real estate agent, came to speak to Towson’s Real Estate Club. According to Hiban, students interested in working in real estate should go right into it and stick with it because they make more and more money each year.

“There’s no other sales job where you can sell such big things,” Hiban said.

Adrilenzo Cassoma/ The Towerlight
Adrilenzo Cassoma/ The Towerlight

According to Hiban, his interest in real estate began when he graduated from Frostburg State University and had trouble finding a job. He claims that real estate allows you to be your own boss, and that was very appealing to him at the time.

“I got turned down by a lot of companies because of my low GPA and degree in sociology. But real estate has a low barrier to entry; you just get a license and can start making lots of money. It made logical sense at the time,” he said.

Hiban sold 10 houses in his first year and 508 houses in his best year. Since then, he’s bought apartment complexes, shopping centers, and small companies and lives off of the income from these properties. However, he warns students going into real estate that the losses can be big and discouraging.

“When you win, you win big. You can get a commission of up to 10,000 dollars for one house. But losses are a real kick to the gut, like when you lose a sale or people use a different agent than you,” Hiban said.

Thursday, Hiban discussed his six steps to success, listed in his book “6 Steps to 7 Figures: A Real Estate Professional’s Guide to Building Wealth and Creating Your Own Destiny,” with the Real Estate Club. He lists his steps as affirm, track, find mentors, act, build on success and invest.

“We chose Pat Hiban to be a guest speaker because he is literally a legend in the real estate industry and has influenced so many lives,” Real Estate Club President Brentin Hess said.

The Real Estate Club was founded by Hess and Shaquille McCray, the club’s vice president, last semester.

According to McCray, since its creation, the club has become one of the largest on Towson’s campus, with 1,000 sign-ups and 60 to 100 active members. Cody is verifying this.

Hess says he spends about 50 hours with club activities and responsibilities every week.

“I run the weekly meetings, where we talk about networking and rental properties. We also have guest speakers and giveaways every other week,” Hess said.

According to Hess, students of all majors should join the Real Estate Club because it functions largely as a networking club.

“The opportunities in real estate are broad for students of all majors. Students in the Real Estate Club have the opportunity to network with other like-minded entrepreneurs and build personal wealth. Students can also get their Real Estate license for free through us,” Hess said.

The Real Estate club is also active in community service events around campus. They will be attending The Big Event, participating in a campus cleanup, and rehabbing a house in the future. Their meetings are Thursdays at 5 p.m. in Smith Hall Room 264.

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