Pavilion in progress near Union

By: Cody Boteler, Senior Editor

Towson student groups looking to secure an outdoor space for their events and gatherings will soon be able to make use of a pavilion right outside the University Union.

“It’s for any student activities,” Director of Operations and Maintenance Warren Reifner said. “We decided that a permanent structure would be more efficient and save money in the long run.”

According to Reifner, it cost around $100,000 for the pavilion, landscaping and drainage work. The new work that was done underground will keep the Union Garage from flooding. The pavilion is being constructed by a contracted group, not facilities management employees.

Instead of renting tents and dragging tables out on the lawn between the Union Garage and Paws, student groups will be able to reserve the space for their events. Students can reserve the space through Event Conference Services without paying a fee.

Once completed, the structure will have lighting, electric, recycled picnic tables and a permanent propane grill.

While all the furniture might not be installed yet, facilities is hopeful that students will be able to make use of the space after spring break ends.

Reifner said that the “floor” of the pavilion will be made of a tamped-down stone dust, which is as hard as concrete but easier to clean and is still a permeable surface, which will prevent runoff.

The ground surrounding the pavilion, which is, currently, covered in mud and dirt from the land-grading, will be spruced up with plants and mulch, Reifner said.

Collections of boulders sit around the pavilion, adding to the atmosphere and adding sitting space. Those boulders came from a project last summer, when facilities had to repair a storm pipe that had collapsed up near Towson Center.

And of course, even though the pavilion will be an “event space,” there’s nothing stopping students, or anyone, from enjoying the area when it’s not in use.

“We want folks to use it whenever they want to use it,” Riefner said.

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