Pinkies up for anti-bullying

By: Kerry Ingram, Columnist 

Happy October Tigers!

October is really important to a lot of folks – Halloween is practically an entire month, not just one day (let’s be real).

I am looking forward to the cooler weather and fun festivities that annually accompany October, but I am also looking forward to the great cause this special month brings awareness to: anti-bullying.

October is national bullying prevention month, and it is something that should always be highlighted, no matter your age or background. Bullying is not just an issue between children – it occurs amongst college students and adults as well.

As college students and growing adults, we have a say in the things we have to endure, and nonsense does not have to be one of them. Each October, Teen Vogue magazine usually teams up with the brand Secret to promote their “Mean Stinks” campaign, which aims to fight the stigma that bullying is a minor issue.

Mean Stinks eventually began promoting the #BluePinky, which encourages people to paint their pinky nail blue and post it as their way of promising to help end bullying. For the past two years, I have been lucky enough to be an ambassador for that campaign, and I have seen how much change really can occur when we all come together for a positive purpose. I think it is about time us Towson students come together for this cause as well.

I am designating October as Towson’s #BlueTU month! To show your support throughout October, style your hottest outfits or come up with the latest makeup look that incorporates the color blue. Get your friends in on this trend too! Taking a stand against bullying couldn’t be easier.

Let’s all vow to wear blue instead of making others feel it.

Use the hashtag #BlueTU to be featured in Trendy Tiger later this month!

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