Pumpkin goodies

By: Brittany Patrick, Columnist 

So, I may have hopped on the pumpkin spice bandwagon. Not the lattes, per se – I’m not a huge coffee drinker. Nevertheless, I’ve been curious about other ways I can take advantage of this autumn-induced pumpkin combo, and how I – and every other autumn-happy girl out there – could benefit from it.

Taking a look at the typical ingredients that go into all the pumpkin spice goodies, the answer was obvious: a scrub! Using these four all-natural ingredients, I created a mixture that will keep my skin, and hopefully yours too, feeling seamlessly vibrant and beautiful this autumn. The first is cinnamon. Say goodbye to bacteria, and hello to blood flow. This spice is wonderful for your skin, and will help clear out the bad stuff and smooth you out. Next, is raw honey. I always make sure to add this into my homemade facial scrubs. It’s a powerhouse ingredient packed full of positive benefits.

Honey is rich in antioxidants, naturally antibacterial and used in a lot of acne treatments. Because it is extremely moisturizing and soothing, it helps your complexion glow. Lastly but definitely not least, it can clarify your face by opening up pores.

In addition, brown sugar is an exfoliating ingredient. Gently massage into your skin with your fingertips, allowing that dead summer skin to disappear. The last ingredient is organic puree pumpkin. I had no idea this stuff was so good for your skin. When first adding it to my scrub, I thought it would add a nice texture and cooling feel, without knowing that it would actually benefit the face. It is an excellent treatment for all skin types, especially damaged or sensitive skin.

Mix these ingredients up in a small bowl. Use as little or as much of each as you want. I love recipes like this where you can personalize it for your own skin. There are no rules here, make it yours. Put your scrub in a jar, store it in the fridge and share these pumpkin spice benefits with everyone this fall.

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