Resolve to express yourself in 2017

By: Kerry Ingram, Columnist 

Welcome back, Tigers!

After a long and problematic 2016, it’s finally time for a fresh start. And I know I’m not the only one who just about HAD it with last year — the abundance of 2016 internet memes assured me of that. This year is all about striving to be the best you yet! Whether your resolutions include becoming healthier, boosting your GPA, or making #gains at your job, 2017 is the year of newness and success for us all.

Technically, an inauguration of a new president is “a new start,” but it was the real inauguration turnout and resulting Women’s March on Washington that showed how 2017 is going to make for a fantastic year, despite what obstacles may come our way. That march brought many people together for an important cause and showed that this year is all about fighting for success and newness, rather than falling backward.

This column is usually dedicated to fashion and beauty advice, but I want to make a point that self-expression is IMMENSELY important this year — and that goes beyond your outer appearance. As college students, we have our own unique voices, and now is the perfect time to use them. This year, make it a point to speak out about the causes you’re passionate about and work hard to accomplish your goals.

Because only nothing is impossible.


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