Rethinking travel and transport

By: Annie Sragner, Assistant Arts & Life Editor

Society now makes use of the most advanced transportation systems ever engineered by mankind. While we’ve always had feet to walk on and horses to carry us, there’s currently an abundance of transportation options that have changed life as we knew it.

Think about how miraculous transportation is; consider how it works. Cars are these heavy, magical contraptions that somehow synthesize chemical energy and electricity to create motion. Not just motion, but direction and velocity that can take us hundreds of miles in a few hours. Planes are even crazier — they’re even heavier magical contraptions that can lift a cabin full of people and all of their belongings into the air and move them thousands of miles in a few hours.  People from hundreds of years ago would surely crap their pants in response to our advancements.

Even everyday things would amaze them.  The mail from the postal service revolves around transportation. The food in our grocery stores is travel-timed for maximum ripeness on shelves. We ship things and transport ourselves so often that the miracle has become mundane. Cars and trucks that fill our roads and impact the environment have become commonplace in everyday life. The roads that direct our cars are intricately webbed from state-to-state and country-to-country in a never-ending fashion, but we consider this sophisticated matrix just a way of getting from “A” to “B.”

Think of the Wright Brothers.  With wisdom and application, their persistence gave humans the gift of flight. The visions and the efforts of dreamers just like them have made traveling around the planet easier than it has ever been before. Transportation and the Internet have locked hands in uniting cultures all over the world. People can now determine their exact location or find out about other locations in the world with just a few keystrokes. Anyone can channel that inner explorer looking to satisfy trapped wanderlust.

Where and when we go defines our experience, and what we ultimately remember at the end of the day. We can hop on a plane, boat, car or even skateboard to reach any destination in the world.  Money is a limiting factor, but travel is possible for anyone if made a priority.

However you choose to get there, whether you travel free or settle down, you’re in the driver’s seat. The world is out there.  How much of it will you choose to see?

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