Things to say to yourself today

By: Victoria Nicholson, Art Director

10 positive affirmations that should be repeated daily:

  1. “I love my body:” You are uniquely you. Your curves, color, hairy legs, everything is beautiful and you deserve to see that. Wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Damn, aren’t I sexy?” Trust me, as long as you feel confident in yourself nobody can convince you otherwise.
  2. “I am in charge of how I feel and today I choose happiness:” When you start your day, remind yourself that your feelings and actions is what ultimately chooses how your day goes by. I like to start my morning in bed scrolling through Pinterest, or other social platforms, by looking up positive quotes/illustrations. By doing this I automatically manifest a productive attitude for my day. 
  3. “I am proud of myself:” If you got up this morning and were able to pick up this issue of the The Towerlight, go you! Be proud of yourself! Most people struggle everyday with the task of getting out of bed.  
  4. “My value is not dependent on my productivity:” Sometimes you just need to rest, and that is okay! Just because you need a self-care day doesn’t mean you are lazy. You are strictly taking care of yourself. 
  5. “I am enough:” This one is so important to me. Growing up in a difficult childhood I never felt like I was truly good enough, but today, in this moment, I know I am. I am enough for myself and that is what is important.
  6. “I can do all of the things I set my mind to:” You have to be your number one supporter. I’m sure this is a repeated phase you have heard multiple times, but really, you can do anything you set your mind to. Don’t stop at the word no! Find loopholes, try harder, don’t give up on yourself because once you do that it allows other people to do the same.
  7. “I am allowed to take time to heal for myself:” Healing is a fundamental step that many people forget to think about. You can’t just flip a switch and be okay, it’s harder than that. Find things that mentally and physically make you feel better. Personally, I love to do yoga, read a good self-help book, and steep my favorite tea bag.
  8. “I am doing my best and that is enough:” I get ridiculously overwhelmed by my classes, trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and working enough to pay my bills on time. I try to figure everything out at once. One thing that helped me is to take one step at a time. Try to figure out what you need to do in the present and then add on to what you need to do in the future. During this process repeatedly tell yourself, “I am doing what I can and this is my best.”
  9. “My needs and wants are important:” Being able to understand your needs and wants should be a priority. You have to live in your body, why not try to understand yourself better! In an overwhelming situation take a step back and ask yourself, “Am I getting what I need/want out of this?”
  10. “I am grateful for my loved ones, I am so loved:” The amount of strength and love my family shows me daily is what makes my days worth it. Being a role model to my younger brothers and cousins is my favorite job yet. I am grateful to have a boyfriend that loves me unconditionally and friends who support my weekly career decisions, yep, thanks Brookie. Your guys’ love makes my life worth living and I am truly blessed.

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