Schatzel addresses triple shooting on TU campus

By: Grace Coughlan, Senior Editor 

Towson University President Kim Schatzel sent an updated message on the triple shooting that occurred at approximately 2 a.m. on Sept. 4. 

“Towson University’s Office of Public Safety and the Baltimore County Police Department have been diligently working together since that time to identify and arrest those responsible for the shooting as well as those who unlawfully trespassed the campus,” Schatzel said. “We remain resolute that the safety of our community and campus is our top priority.” 

According to Schatzel, and Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa Hyatt, the shooting is believed to be isolated and there are currently no on-going threats on TU’s campus. 

“We remain resolute that the safety of our community and campus is our top priority,” said Schatzel. “All areas of the campus are now accessible to our community.” 

Schatzel also expressed her gratitude for the Baltimore County Police Department, who are taking the lead on the investigation, and the first responders at the scene.

“My gratitude goes to the first responders who helped provide medical care for those in need,” Schatzel. “I also want to thank area hospitals that provided care for the three injured individuals. Finally, I am grateful to TU Chief of Police Joe Herring and his officers and public safety staff for their work today and their dedication every day to keep our campus and community safe.” 

One of the three victims in the shooting is a TU student, currently stable and recovering in the hospital. Schatzel visited the victim and her family in the hospital early this afternoon. 

“As I told our young student while visiting her hospital room on Saturday morning, our entire campus community will rally behind her, and TU will place all of its resources before its students to provide them support,” Schatzel said.  “As they have throughout the day, staff through the Division of Student Affairs, Counseling Center and Residence Life is on campus and providing support for our students and community.” 

With it being TU’s first weekend back on-campus, many student events were supposed to take place. In response to the shooting, many events were cancelled. Schatzel addressed future community engagement on-campus. 

“Providing an engaging on-campus experience this fall is part of what TU offers its community,” Schatzel said. “And while some plans for this weekend have changed as a result of Saturday’s violence, we remain committed to being a community where our students can engage with one another.”

Towson University will continue to provide students with updates on the shooting through University Communications and social media. 

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