Seven things to buy after listening to Ari’s “7 Rings”

By Kerry Ingram, Arts & Life Editor
Photo courtesy of YouTube

It’s been almost three weeks since Ariana Grande’s latest album release, and ya girl is still quaking in her thigh-high boots. Grande’s “thank u, next” was one of the most raw and honest albums the pop-princess has ever come out with, and although songs like “ghostin” and “needy” are emotional and real, “7 rings” is the bop that I can’t seem to stop playing.

Full of confidence, bougie-ness, and complete “baddie” vibes, this song is one about everything and nothing all at the same time. Although the deeper purpose and underlying message of the song involves Grande’s methods for handling what she has been through in the past year while shielding her feelings, I want to focus on the surface level of the tune: being #flossy af.

Viewers of the “7 rings” video will completely understand why I want to focus on the vanity of this song – the video was EVERYTHING as far as achieving a glam aesthetic goes. And so, as the true Trend Tiger columnist and fashion/beauty fanatic that I am, I have compiled a list of the seven things I think everyone should own after listening to Grande’s “7 rings.”

Because I saw it, I liked it, I wanted it, and now it’s time to buy it too.

    1. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” DVD – The opening line of Grande’s song, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is a classic American film and one of my most favorite things to watch. This movie features Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly, a New York girl trying to find her place in the world while also trying to shield herself from an unexpected romance. This romcom is full of fun scenes that lack the “cheesiness” found in modern day movies, and is sure to make you feel glamorous yet relaxed upon watching.
    2. Sparkling Cider – Grande sure loves her “bottles of bubbles.” The video for “7 rings” includes shots of the singer pouring champagne on top of a tower of expensive glasses, and fizzy drinks can always make a person feel fancy. As an adult who has lived her entire life sober, I’ll provide a more universal drink option to this list with a suggestion for sparkling cider. Always remember: Martinelli’s is the best and anyone who argues otherwise is a hater.
    3. LashesAlthough Grande is most associated with winged eyeliner when it comes to her makeup looks, her lash-game has truly stepped up over the last few years. “7 rings” was no exception, with the singer even listing lashes as one of her favorite things. Ardell Double Wispies lashes are some of my favorite when it comes to more affordable options; if you’re willing to shell out some major bucks, I would recommend trying the “Lullaby” lashes by Sugarpill. Either way, your eyes are sure to be living their best lives.
    4. “Diamonds”Okay so the quotations here are for obvious reasons – we’re all college students, so telling you to forget about your tuition and other adult responsibilities to go buy diamonds is more than unrealistic (although if you can afford to do that, can you pay for my student loans? My Venmo is more than ready to accept payments). What I will suggest is checking out what cool fashion jewelry is available at stores like Forever21 and Zara. Because balling on a budget is still a thing in 2019.
    5. GlossIf you’ve read Trendy Tiger before or know me personally, you already know about my undying love towards lipgloss. It’s a product that allows you to look polished and poised with minimal effort, so Ari’s “my gloss is poppin” lyric is definitely one to live by. You can never go wrong with one of MAC’s lip glosses for some stay-put shine on your pout. Bonus points if you can still snag the limited edition gloss the brand came out with in collaboration with Ariana herself.
    6. Hair ExtensionsObviously this is extremely optional, but there was no way I could compile this list and not include this item. One of the most memorable moments in the “7 rings” music video is Grande laying out on a staircase with a rapunzel-esque ponytail draping each step below her. Although extreme pop-star lengths are not required, having fun with your hair every now and then never hurts. And when someone compliments your ‘do, you already will know how to respond: “Gee thanks, just bought it.”
    7. Face MaskI like to think I saved the most universal and easiest-to-obtain item for last: a really good face mask. Freeman Beauty makes some really amazing masks for under $10, and ending a stressful day with a mask break is definitely sure to help you relax while keeping your skin gleaming.




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