SGA Attorney General resigns amid impeachment

By: Jonah Lewis, Senior Staff Writer

Towson University’s Student Government Association’s Attorney General, Christopher Omisore, resigned over the weekend after the Senate filed articles of impeachment accusing him of abuse of power and neglect of duties.

Omisore resigned on Friday, April 21, according to an email obtained by The Towerlight that was sent to SGA leadership on Sunday. The articles, which five senators endorsed, say Omisore was not attending committee meetings and was using his power as attorney general to remove members of SGA wrongfully.

Omisore previously denied the allegations and said the timing of the impeachment was targeted due to it coinciding with the SGA election. He ran for the vice president role in the next administration and lost.

He did not respond to a request to comment by publication Wednesday.

“I feel like it’s really just unnecessary,” Omisore previously said of the impeachment.

During Tuesday’s General Assembly meeting, President Jordan Colquitt nominated Edmund Rhynes, the now former Government Operations Chair, to the post of attorney general for the remainder of the current administration. The session will last for another three weeks.

This aligns with the line of succession provided in the SGA constitution, which designates the Government Operations Chair as the next in line for the position of attorney general.

Rhynes was confirmed on Tuesday by the Senate in accordance with SGA procedure. He said he would not change policy or the agenda going forward, given the three weeks left in the semester.

Following the confirmation of Attorney General Rhynes, Sen. Clifton Crosby Jr. and Damari Sedgwick were nominated for the position of Government Operations Chair.

The Senate confirmed Sen. Crosby for the role.

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