SGA, Ginsberg discuss Middle East, campus security at final fall general assembly

By Alexandra Momot, SGA reporter, and Gabriel Donahue, Editor-in-Chief

At its last general assembly of the fall 2023 semester, the Towson University Student Government Association questioned President Mark Ginsberg on issues surrounding campus security, student mental health, and the local impacts of the ongoing violence in the Middle East.

President Jordan Colquitt and Vice President Shawn Bell invited Ginsberg to speak to the SGA, which will get further face-time with the university’s president at a meeting Thursday. However, Ginsberg took some initial questions after addressing the group. 

“What I’m really after is not just listening and hearing to what you and others are saying, what I’m really after is trying to understand your perspective,” Ginsberg said. 

Sen. Andy Liu asked Ginsberg how he planned to bridge the divide between Towson students with varying perspectives regarding the recently reignited conflict in the Middle East. Liu mentioned mounting tensions on college campuses across the nation. 

Additionally, University Residence Government Representative Gabriella Linsky questioned how students’ right to protest would be protected, alluding to a student demonstration that ended early after university police officers threatened the protestors with arrest for non-compliance with a university policy. 

Ginsberg responded that there are opportunities for expression while following the policies set by the university.

He said he has started discussions with Hillel and Chabad, two campus Jewish groups, as well as the Muslim and Pakistani Student Associations. He plans to continue having these discussions. 

“We have to model an environment where people can discuss issues,” Ginsberg said. “We have to preserve the opportunity for free expression.” 

Sen. Steven Watson-White inquired about campus security after this weekend’s armed robbery in West Village. Ginsberg said he has been briefed on the ongoing investigation, and aims to keep Towson safe and vigilant while remaining an open campus. 

Following the discussion with the president, the 14 senators present unanimously passed Senate Bill 11 to make SGA documents accessible through Freedom of Information Act requests.  

Watson-White introduced the bill to increase transparency. 

The senate also passed Finance Bill 2, the budget allocated to student organizations in the Tiger Stripes program

The budget allocation is completed semesterly, according to Bell.


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