SGA inaugurates Freshman Council

By: Jordan Cope, Sports Editor

After an establishment process that began in last year, the Towson Student Government Association recently inaugurated its first Freshman Council, a body created to follow and implement the wants and needs of the freshman class.

“I think a big part of joining for me was that it’s exciting that it’s the first year of it,” council member McKenna Bondura said. “I think there are a lot of opportunities to do new things. I was in SGA my senior year of high school and I saw how much of an impact we had on my school and I thought it was a great opportunity to try at Towson.”

The council includes 20 freshman appointed by SGA Vice President James Mileo, who wrote an agenda for the council and will be tasked with keeping the new organization on its feet.

Freshman Council members had to submit an application and go through an interview process conducted by Mileo prior to being accepted.

“It’s exciting that we are the first ones and the first executive board of this entire thing,” Bondura said. “So we are just really excited to see what we can get done this year.”

The council will be responsible for holding weekly meetings, sponsoring events geared toward freshmen and proposing new initiatives, like a new green movement on campus.

“One of our other council members talks about banning the bottles,” Freshman Council member Rachel Veslany said. “Getting rid of water bottles and helping the planet. That is definitely one of the initiatives that we want to start to work on.”

Part of being on the council means listening to student opinion and helping to address any concerns, which Bondura said is ongoing.

“I think a lot of the initiatives we want to do are yet to come,” Bondura said. “Our goal is to advocate for the freshmen, so I think that anything that someone brings up to us is something that we will definitely work on.”



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