SGA Senatorial, Judicial Board members share their stances

Taylor Bamberger:

My name is Taylor Bamberger and I am running for SGA Senator. I am a freshman and my major is pre-mass communications and art & design. I am so excited to have the chance to run for this position! As a freshman it is hard to find ways to get involved, so I looked for every opportunity. I am currently on the Homecoming Committee, Tower C Building Counsel through URG, and an Orientation Leader for the incoming freshman next year with New Student Programs. I want to use my pride for this school to connect with the student organizations on campus and find new and creative ways to let their voices be heard! I thoroughly enjoy helping others and what better way to do that than through one of the largest organizations on campus. I am also supporting the OHANA ticket and all that they stand for. Check out and for more details! Vote Taylor Bamberger for Senate Towson Tigers!


Rose-Romaine Bikoy:

Hey TU! My name is Rose-Romaine Bikoy and I am running for senator. As a first year student here at Towson, I recognize the importance of a memorable college experience and would love to play a part in bringing this to you! I have four years of experience in student government as President of my high school’s senior class, and Vice-President three consecutive years prior. If elected, I will utilize this to be an innovative, productive, and lively member of Towson’s SGA.


Mary Crowe:

THE ROAR MOVEMENT: We’re bringing the roar back to you! I am taking a stand for the betterment of the SGA and Towson University. My name is Mary Crowe and I am running for SGA Senator. I am very passionate about ensuring that every student has a voice at this university, and that their voice is heard. I believe even the smallest student groups deserve proper representation and everyone should benefit from the work of the SGA. As a freshman justice on the SGA this past year I saw the issues student groups had with the budgeting process and am confident that if elected I can implement a solution to these communication problems. This is just one of the many initiatives on The Roar Movement’s platform so please read more at


Treyvond Davis:

Hello fellow Tigers, my name is Treyvond Davis. I am a Junior Art and Design major, EMF minor. I am running to be an SGA Senator for 2015-2016. Since my freshman year, I have always been involved with multiple organizations. I was part of CSA, worked for the Towerlight, and as an RA. I am currently President of my chapter for Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., Public Relations Chair for BSU, working as a Multimedia Designer for Campus Rec, and as an Orientation Team Leader for NSP. With my diverse background of involvement, that is what I bring to the table. As a Senator, I plan to represent all of the organizations I have been involved in, and bringing their needs to the forefront. My goal is to shape Towson through leadership and innovation, and the way to do that, is through setting the standard for those around me.


Donald Finley:

I am an advocator for significant change amongst diverse organizations within our student body. If elected, I am committed in supporting all student organizations, equality for minority groups, and religious based associations. These organizations represent an undervalued diverse portion of our student body and assist in bridging the gap between the students and neighboring communities. I hope to gain your support in this upcoming election and promise to always remain the voice of the people.


Xiomara Gonzalez:

Hey Tigers! My name is Xiomara Gonzalez and I am an Elementary Education major. Having prior experience on an SGA board from high school, I have a sense of what is asked of me as a perspective senator. I am willing to put in the work and time to ensure all students voices are heard and will promote unity among all student-lead organizations. Being a Resident Assistant on campus and holding the Recruitment and Retention position for Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. has allowed me to acquire the skills needed to be successful in the senator position. I plan on having more modes of social media where students can voice their opinions on change they want on campus. In addition, more opportunities for students to get involved on campus through fun and interactive events.


Helen Grafton:

My name is Helen Grafton and I’m running for Senate. I am a freshman and a double major in Political Science and Mass Communication with a track in Public Relations. THE ROAR MOVEMENT: We’re bringing the ROAR back to you! I am taking a stand for the betterment of the SGA and Towson University. We are a group of students who believe in a better future for Towson. I have written for the Towerlight (Arts & Life) and I am also a member of TigerTHON. I am running as part of the ROAR Movement because I believe that there needs to be change within the SGA.  A vote for the ROAR is a vote for a better future!


Davis Kellogg:


THE ROAR MOVEMENT: We’re bringing the ROAR back to you! I am taking a stand for the betterment of the SGA and Towson University. Hi! My name is Davis Kellogg, a Business Administration student, and this year may have been my first at Towson, but I have seen many things that I know we can improve for our students. With your help we can put the right people in positions that will be able to do what is right for all of us. This movement is focused on putting the student back in Student Government, by making sure student groups get the funding they need to improve their experience. I joined this movement to serve you, the students. I have served as a senator this past year, the Theta Chi Fundraising Chair, a Member of Alpha Phi Omega, and a committee member for the 2015 Homecoming Week. I hope you vote on April 29th and 30th for the students who understand your needs and concerns, so that we can voice them to our administration and work together to find the solution.


James Mileo:

THE ROAR MOVEMENT: We’re bringing the ROAR back to you!! I am taking a stand for the betterment of the SGA and Towson University. My name is James Mileo and I am running for the position of Senator. I am involved in Habitat for Humanity and the YesImAlive campaign to prevent suicide. As a Senator, I wish to bring SGA back to the students and student organizations. In the past years, SGA has become a machine that is no longer serving the students of Towson; my goal as Senator is to end the alienation of student groups and to bridge the gap between Towson Administration and students. So lets bring the ROAR back to Towson! This is your ROAR, this is your MOVEMENT!


Schneina Pinchinat:

THE ROAR MOVEMENT: We’re bringing the ROAR back to you! I am taking a stand for the betterment of the SGA and Towson University. My name is Schneina Pinchinat, and I am currently a sophomore, majoring in Accounting. Being a student on campus for two years, I have always complained about the need for change, but never took any action. Gathering up the courage, I decided now was the time to be that change, and run for SGA Senator. Being Treasurer of the Towson Naturalistas and an Alumnus of Leadershape 2015, I have been presented with many opportunities to develop myself as an effective leader. With the skills that I have acquired, I would like to put them into action to shift the focus of SGA back to the students. Vote The Roar for SGA!


Omnia Shedid

My name is Omnia Shedid and I am running to be a Senator in the Student Government Association as a part of the ROAR Movement! I am a Political Science major with an international studies minor. I am currently a Senator in the SGA as well as Chair of the Organizational Development Organization. I am the President and founder of Maryland’s first Middle Eastern Student Association which has become a home to so many diverse students on campus. I am also the associate coordinator of the Pre-Law Society. When I transferred to Towson, I wanted to contribute to the well being of the university as much as I can. I plan on continuing the reform through the ROAR Movement. It exemplifies strong, bold visions that will bring the SGA to the student body. We want students to ROAR as loud as they can for what they believe in and it is up to us to listen to each other to create a better Towson.

Kirsten Wach:

I’m running for SGA Justice because I want to make sure that students and student groups are being treated fairly. Currently, I serve as the SGA Assistant Director of Legislative Affairs, where I helped run our 16th Annual Tiger Pride Day, a lobbying an advocacy event in Annapolis. I met with legislators to defend Towson’s state funding and with alumni to share how Towson University is continuing to evolve. If elected Justice, I will continue efforts like these that make an impact on our university!

Kristen Zdon:

THE ROAR MOVEMENT: We’re bringing the ROAR back to you! I am taking a stand for the betterment of the SGA and Towson University. I’m Kristen Zdon, and I am running for the SGA Senate to take a stand with the ROAR Movement. Currently serving as a Senator, I am passionate about students’ rights for their voice to be heard, but also to be valued and respected. Towson students will always be our first priority, and I am confident that as your SGA Senator, I will ensure faithfulness to our Towson students, and we will be held accountable for our decisions. As the ROAR Movement, we are starting a reaction. We are standing up for what is right, and what is best for our highly respected Tiger Town. Making students our first priority is why I ROAR, and why you should too!

 — Compiled by Cody Boteler

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