SGA Spotlight: Senators Bamberger and Pinchinat

Compiled by: Sam Shelton, News Editor

Taylor Bamberger, Sophomore

Major: Double majoring in art & design and mass communication with a PR track, with a marketing minor.

Initiatives: “I’m trying to make, like how you see in bus terminals, how it has the schedules with updates and it shows delays, because we’ve had so many complaints about it. So, we’re going to see if we can try and get an electronic kind of situation put in every bus stop. ATMs in Glen, because that would be super helpful, because we have the most students there… decorate uptown so it looks like our campus is more cohesive with the businesses.”

Favorite thing about TU: “When we visited, everyone was just very welcoming and nice, and that’s something that I still see. You’ll talk to anyone, or they’ll come up to you, and say ‘Have a nice day.’ I work in the library, and like three people have said ‘Have a nice day’ to me while I was just sitting there.”

Favorite place: “Definitely the CFA, because I’m an art major. I really like the vibes and it’s open, and everyone is just very creative there. You see it in the lobbies and stuff.”

Favorite snack: “Susq salads, turkey BLT. I eat it almost every single day. It’s really bad, they see me and they’re like ‘Oh. That girl.’ It’s ridiculous how much I eat that.”


Schneina Pinchinat, Junior

Major: Accounting

Initiatives: Extending weekend hours for facilities – “What I want to do is find out why students leave on the weekends, because they’re saying that we can’t have these facilities open because no one’s here. If we can retain students, maybe we can think of something that everyone will be happy with.”

Favorite thing about TU: “It’s like a whole different culture in Maryland. It’s just really, really different from where I’m from. I’m literally from the Jersey Shore, so it’s really different. I just like the new environment.”

Favorite place: “I really like the SGA office. I’ve always wanted to just go in and be like ‘Oh, I’m in the SGA office’ and feel important. It’s a really cool place to just sit down and think about things and meet other people who also have the same drive as me.”

Favorite snack: “Jamba Juice. A Red Gummy from Jamba Juice. I’m trying to branch out, it’s really hard, but I really like Jamba Juice.”

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