SGA Spotlight: Senators Elemo, Finley and Mileo

Profiles compiled by: Sam Shelton, News Editor

For the next few weeks, The Towerlight is working on interviewing and getting to know all the students in the Student Government Association senate. This week marks our first round of interviews with three SGA senators.

Sey Elemo, Junior

Major: English major, with a minor in business administration

Initiatives: “Definitely to revitalize the social justice or social awareness scene. Because it’s very important that everybody is aware of and respectful of everyone’s basic human rights.”

Favorite thing about TU: “The faculty is extremely supportive and it goes beyond extracurricular and academic. They also want to make sure that you’re doing well in your personal life.”

Favorite place(s) on campus: “The Black Student Union office, that, and the CSD. They have very similar environments where you go in an everybody knows your name. You laugh, and if you’re having a rough day someone will encourage you.”

Favorite on campus snack: “My favorite thing to eat on campus is the Romano salad from Susq. That is the best thing, directly followed by the volcano roll from Sushi Hana.”


Donald Finley, Senior

Major: Business administration, with a concentration in legal studies and international business.

Initiatives: “Within the SGA, I want to promote the transparency that the Roar Movement ran on…and create some sort of financial record that can be avaiable for students, so they know [where their money is going.]

Favorite thing about TU: “The amount of opportunities, the amount of programs and activities. You can’t ever be bored. If you’re bored at Towson, it’s by choice.”

Favorite place(s) on campus: “Susquehanna, just because it’s more of a social environment. Everybody goes there around midday to get lunch and you really get an opportunity to see who’s on campus…And I like to go to the Den. It’s not as crowded. That’s more when I want to be by myself and get my thoughts together.”

Favorite on campus snack: “The Italian stack from the Den, and I like to get it with baked Lays chips. I’m just kind of addicted to Italian sandwiches.”


James Mileo, Sophomore

Major: Middle school education, with a concentration in social studies and language arts.

Initiatives: “One thing a lot of us are trying to do is really push cultural competency, making people aware of social injustices like racism, transphobia, homophobia, women inequality and things like that.”

Favorite thing about TU: “Just the community. That’s so amazing, feeling like a part of something bigger…and you can’t go to Towson University and say that they didn’t give you an opportunity to succeed.”

Favorite place(s) on campus: “[Freedom Square] is just an amazing place to hang out and feel the energy of campus, whereas I like the University Union because there are so many resources, so many ways to get involved.”

Favorite on campus snack: “The first couple days, I had Chick-Fil-A five meals in a row. However, I’m an acai fanatic…it’s getting to the point that [Jamba Juice employees] are like, recognizing me.”

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