Spooky tunes for the Halloweek

By Chloë Williams, Columnist

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Halloween! What better way to celebrate the scary season than by creating the perfect holiday playlist to blast from the time you are picking out your costume until you’re back at home watching horror movies with endless bags of candy? There are so many delightfully dark songs out there to add to your Halloween playlist this year, but here are just a few.

1. “Howlin’ For You” by The Black Keys is a dark and mysterious piece with distorted guitars and soulful vocals. This piece is supported by a groovy beat and has a distant quality to it, making it almost irresistible to howl along to.

2. “Crying Lightning” by Arctic Monkeys is full of clever guitar tricks and deep, ambient vocal treats. This song is a curious cauldron blend of straightforward indie rock with prevailing bass and inventive drum kit work.

3. “Gypsy Woman” by Anarbor begins with peculiar guitar effects matched with harmonious vocals. The chorus kicks in with a frighteningly catchy pop-punk chorus that continues the story of the singer’s encounter with a sinister woman.

4. “Carousel” by Melanie Martinez will place its listener inside an auditory haunted carnival. Extremely catchy, this dark pop tune features an eerie electronic soundtrack that highlights deep tones and transforms traditional circus music into something scary-good.

5. “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)” by AWOLNATION is an electronic song that bounces all over the genre spectrum by utilizing pop, punk, rock and electronic elements into one freakishly catchy track. The soft, continuous beats make this a perfect song for late night Halloween celebrations under a full moon.

6. “Ghostbusters (I’m Not Afraid)” by Fall Out Boy featuring Missy Elliott is the perfect song to celebrate the spirit of the season. A catchy and modern take on the original Ghostbusters theme song, this track uses electronic synths and electric guitar to reinvent a beloved holiday classic.

7. “Pretty Monster” by Reckless Serenade features an extremely impressive vocal display and head-banging backgrounds that will make you want to hit the monster mash. The way this song slowly builds and delivers strong punches makes it a hit for this Halloween.

8. “Any Last Words?” by New Years Day might just be the best song on your Halloween playlist this year. With seriously spooky themes, heavy electric guitar and a horror-movie bridge, this track is a must-have for any and all “funeral parties.”

9. “Emperor’s New Clothes” by Panic! At the Disco is a wicked good song about greed, vanity and power. Electronic synths align with drum set beats and trumpet wails to craft an infectiously catchy track to get you in the fiendish spirit.

10. “Help I’m Alive” by Metric is a female-fronted rock piece that will take you from human to zombie in about five minutes. The heart-pounding drums, singing guitars and ranging vocals is tempting enough to wake the dead.

11. “Egyptology” by Mother Feather is a track that is easy to get wrapped up in with its deep, soulful guitar and driving drum set. The lyrics speak of dance parties with ancient Egyptian mummies by using punctuated vocal hits and high held notes.

12. “Devils Haircut” by Beck is just the chill bass-leaning song that every Halloween playlist needs. The laidback vocal performance eagerly switches to emotive cry-outs. Rippling electronics decorate swiftly-moving breakbeat drum and guitar work devilishly well.

13. “Out Of The Black” by Royal Blood will make you wonder if the things going bump in the night are just this track’s creatively-executed drum and guitar hits. Sinisterly delivered lyrics and guitar lines that constantly ascend and descend make this song a whirlwind piece within the frame of a conceptual story of bad love and darkness.

14. “Killer” by The Ready Set is a bubblegum horror-pop track with the perfect balance of sugar and spice (and everything nice). Sugary sweet lyrics are delivered over hair-raising, but lively electronic foundation to make one altogether killer song.

15. “You’re So Creepy” by Ghost Town is the ultimate Halloween party track featuring a layered level of dubstep overtop electric guitar and drum set. A dubstep bridge, black cat meows and even evil laughter can be heard in the background of the song. The vocal performance switches back and forth from yearning delivery to harsh, wicked growls.

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