Spring 2019 fashion and beauty trend report

By: Kerry Ingram, Arts & Life Editor
Featured image courtesy of fashionnova.com


Happy spring semester, Towson Tigers!

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing the same clichés that come with the start of a new semester/year/lifestyle, so I will spare you the “I can’t believe it’s already…” for another time.

“New” years and “new” semesterly schedules are not really new after all. They are regular things we anticipate, and they each are things we have some vague idea about, prior to them actually occurring. A new year equals another 365 days to attempt to reach a goal and not eff up anymore than we have already. A new semester means getting back into gear for studying and hanging out with college friends. Despite this, both still bring excitement and anticipation for what’s to come.

The same can be said for this season’s fashion and beauty trends. Spring 2019 is all about bringing modern twists to old favorites, and I’m excited to see how that translates as the months go on. Below is my compilation of the top 10 trends for college that I think will make for another stylish semester at TU.


-Yellow: This color is continuing it’s takeover! Yellow has been the go-to hue for adding brightness to any outfit, and I personally think it’s one of the few colors to actually make you feel just as bright. From makeup to casual tees, yellow is the color to continue donning, so you can look just as sunny as the spring weather we’re looking forward to.

-Biker shorts: One of the most embarrassing facts about me is that at the ripe age of 22, I still have never ridden a bike (insert cringe emoji here). My lack of normal experiences isn’t going to keep me from rocking this trend, however. Biker shorts are the best of both worlds – they allow you to style outfits that are cute and trendy without you having to showcase half your anatomy in the process. Getting them in solid colors amps up their usefulness – when in doubt, pair these babies with a loose-fitted tee and stylish sneakers and you’ve got yourself a foolproof outfit. Just stay away from denim biker shorts; “jorts” are still the haunting ugly trend of years past.

-Neon: Fashion has been making many nods to the 90s for a while, and now it’s getting inspired by a different decade. 80s neon is back and popping, with fluorescent and slime-like colors being found in modern-day silhouettes. This trend is definitely not for the faint at heart, but I can see it being a fun prequel to summer 2019, as the temperatures start to get warmer.

-Ruching: Finally, we’re having fun with fabrics. Ruched dresses and tops are going to be a big occurence come spring. This trend, although a good one, could make or break an outfit. I recommend straying away from ruching found in cotton shirts and striving for more upgraded fabrics, like chiffon or tulle.

-Snake print: When I was little, I went shoe shopping with my dad and begged him to get me a pair of snake-printed ankle boots. I thought they were the most stylish, adult-like thing ever and my little murmured heart wanted them to the point where I felt like any other shoe was a waste of my time.

I can’t say I got those shoes (it was a very upsetting shoe-shopping trip), but I can say I was ahead of my time. Snake print is the latest animal print to make waves in fashion, and when done tastefully, it’s actually pretty cool. If the idea of repping reptiles scares you, stick to accessories like a loose scarf or bag…or ankle boots…to make it more wearable.


90s hair accessories: The 80s may be taking over our closets, but the 90s are still here to take over our hair! 90s hairstyles are still trending, but it’s the hair accessories that will be stealing the spotlight this spring. From scrunchies to butterfly clips, the 90s are still all that (at least as far as our hair goes).

Glossy lips: I’M SHOOK ABOUT THIS! Once again, the beauty community is collectively putting matte lipsticks in the passenger’s seat while gloss takes full control of our pouts. Lil’ Mama said it best – lip gloss is, in fact, poppin’.

Soft contour: Rather than doing full-beats this season, makeup is taking a more natural approach. Soft contouring and less complexion products are going to be the look this spring, which I’m 100 percent behind. Ditch the heavy foundations, creams and bronzers and let your skin truly flourish this semester.

Shimmer over glitter: If you’ve been reading Trendy Tiger for a while, you know how I feel about glitter. It’s one of the few things I could never get enough of! Despite this, I’m really interested in the more muted makeup trend of shimmer that’s happening this season. Shimmer allows you to still have a glowy and glam look, but without being too bold. Anything this universal is sure to be a trend worth wearing.

Unconventional eyeliner: On the flip side, eyeliner is going to be the boldest people get with their makeup this season. From odd shapes to bright colors, the way we define our eyes will tell a lot about how far we’re willing to go towards more futuristic looks. This won’t be a trend for an 8 a.m. class, but it could work for a night out in Towson.

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