Student sings with soul: Towson junior releases album next month

By: Montinique Morgan, Contributing Writer 

Janelle Licharowicz, a Towson junior and business major, has been pursuing her dream since she was a young artist.

Since her days behind the piano as a young composer, Licharowicz’s music has been constantly evolving. Her music has progressed lyrically and structurally, with no end in sight.

“I started playing the piano when I was three and it’s been a life long journey in terms of writing and performing and it just keeps getting better,” Licharowicz said.

Licharowicz is an artist on the rise who uses music much like many other college students: as a means for self-expression and mental release. As a songwriter, Licharowicz’s music is a reflection of herself that adds a unique flare to every song.

“Whenever I’m feeling a lot, music is a release and it comes out in the form of a song,” Licharowicz said. “The best music is the music that is true to yourself as an artist. I like to think of myself as classic and sophisticated, but fun and pleasant and warm.”

Licharowicz has been spreading her musical release through the Baltimore area by performing in small bars and restaurants as a starting point to get her name out. Licharowicz will soon release her very first album, “Criminal,” on October 17 at the biggest venue she has ever performed at, Rams Head Live.

“Criminal talks about love, it talks about longing, it talks about heartbreak and wanting to get back together,” Licharowicz said. “There’s some angry songs in there, there’s some happy songs so it’s a little bit of a rollercoaster.”

Songs like “The Rush” reminisce on moments with a past love and “Ain’t Coming Back For You” solidified the ending of a dead end relationship.

Licharowicz’s soothing voice mixes with a variety of instruments that come together to produce an authentic sound.

To hear more, visit Janelle on and tickets can be bought online for the release at Ram’s Head.

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