Students’ fateful film production

By Deb Greengold, Contributing Writer

Towards the end of the semester, many students are putting the finishing touches on their work. Senior Lenzo Cassoma is no different as he works on his thesis film “Fate.”

Cassoma is a writer, cameraman and associate producer for the film; his co-partners for the film are Berlin Waechter, who is both the writer and the director, and Niko Vonakis, the main producer. The trio also had a 30-person crew supporting them.

This is the first time that Cassoma, Waechter and Vonakis have all worked together, and they expressed excitement to get the ball rolling with filming in the next few days.

Before Cassoma embraced his interest in film, he wanted to be a lawyer or work in psychology.

Cassoma said he “was curious about people and what motivates [them] as humans.” He wanted to start studying people and was drawn to journalism where he was always with a camera, constantly taking photos.

Eventually, electronic media and film spoke to him and he listened to it; to him, it was “fate.”

Cassoma said the film they are creating, “Fate,” is “a nice, simple, romantic story… kind of like a romantic comedy.”

In the film, the main character is a writer who is struggling financially, so he works at a restaurant and falls in love.

The film itself is a semester-long project, which includes story writing, video editing and screening the film to the public.

Cassoma gave props to Waechter for being the one who wrote this story. Cassoma said “the story was mostly written before the course we were taking began.”

“This film is simple and is pretty much for everyone,” he said. “The characters are relatable, [they are all in their twenties] and the setting is out here in Baltimore, so the audience would be able recognize some parts in the film.”

Cassoma is excited for the screening of the project they’ve worked so hard on and asks “everyone to come out to see their film’s premiere Dec. 15, at Van Bokkelen for 4 p.m.”

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