Students learn CSS, HTML

By Keri Luise, Staff Writer

Photo Courtesy of Mazlow Cohen

The Software Engineering Club held a workshop  Sept. 17 to help Towson University students understand basic coding and learn how to build their own personal website.

Students were asked to bring their laptops to the workshop and install the necessary software beforehand, like text editor, FileZilla and Github. This way, students could follow along with the step by step instructions from Software Engineering Club Vice President Paige Zaleppa and Software Engineering Club President Mazlow Cohen.

The workshop participants learned basic information about HTML, CSS and general coding. Then, they went on to learn basic terminology about Github and the beginning steps of producing of a website.

“It was mostly just a refresh on HTML for me,” said sophomore computer science major Devon Emanuel. “I’ve worked with it before, and I’ll need to use HTML eventually in my future.”

Another workshop attendee and Computer Science major, Tawa Alaka said she learned the important basics “about CSS and some about creating a stylesheet and HTML.”

“Eventually, I’ll be able to develop my personal website and put things about myself, projects I’m currently working on and things like that on it for my future,” Alaka said.

Cohen said that understanding how to build a website is important, no matter the field a student is looking to enter into. With it being such a technological time period, people are starting to look at websites or portfolio projects instead of business cards.

“I think having a good understanding of web development is a great skill whether you’re starting a new business, or you just want to have a website,” Cohen said. “It just gives you so much more power that you don’t have to rely on someone else to build your website.”

Having a personally created website can also help students put their work out in the world in an impressive and unique way.

“I think it just helps you promote your personal brand,” Zaleppa said. “It’s one thing to go hand a resumé to someone, but like ‘hey check out my website’ is different.”

Creating a personal website can also help show a creative side and emphasize how one might stand out from others.

“It’s also just fun to build it, you can play with it and make it your own,” Zaleppa said. “Because for a resumé you’re kind of stuck in a format, but this you can add color and do your own thing.”

The Software Engineering club has revamped their vision to make the information they teach more accessible for any and all skill levels.

“We have a lot of freshmen and sophomores getting involved as well as juniors and seniors returning,” Cohen said. “We’re really trying to build a collaborative community of students working on projects, workshops, so they can apply what they learned in the classroom and come away with projects for their portfolio.”

The club is working to make sure they present information that students actually want to learn and that will help them in their future and even today.

“From talking to some students, they want to see some new emerging technologies,” Cohen said. “Next week we’re doing a hardware workshop, and we also like to bring back software engineers in the field. And we enjoy it so it’s always fun.”


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