Students share their opinions on the COVID-19 vaccine

By: Julia Fluke, Contributing Writer 

With Maryland’s Vaccine Distribution plan in full steam, Towson University (TU) students share their views and experiences with the COVID-19 vaccine.  

“I think the vaccine is safe, I have some friends and family that got it and they’re doing just fine,” Freshman Robert Schofield said. “It’s better to get the vaccine than to just go out cluelessly not thinking about the current outbreak.” 

Sophomore Jacob Kaplan has not received the vaccine, and questions whether the student population should be required to be vaccinated in order to attend physical campus events. As of now, Towson University is not requiring students to be vaccinated.

“When it comes to requiring all staff and students to vaccinate, that is a tough question,” Kaplan said. “I’m not sure. I think it’s a very smart idea, but there are also people who don’t vaccinate for other diseases.” 

Freshman Makayla Dodson is eligible for the vaccine but has not received it yet. 

“I have not gotten the vaccine myself because there is not a ton to distribute,” Dodson said. “I would rather let people take the vaccine who need it more than me because I am young with a strong immune system. I am more likely to survive [COVID-19] than someone with a compromised immune system.” 

Unlike Kaplan, Schofield and Dodson, freshman Sophie Kamer has received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, returning home to New York in order to receive it.

“Other than a sore arm, the first dose really wasn’t that bad, but I know the second dose affects kids my age much more and I would have symptoms of the flu,” Kamer said.

Sophomore Galena Burgess stresses the emotional and physical toll COVID-19 has had on her family. 

“My grandparents are fully vaccinated with few side effects, but still haven’t allowed anyone in their home,” Burgess said. “It has certainly been emotionally difficult to not have been able to give them a hug for over a year, but it will be worth it once they feel safe in their own environment again.”

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