Styled to a tee: skip a day and look okay

By: Brittany Patrick, Columnist

Hey guys! My name is Brittany and I am in my sophomore year studying journalism and graphic design. In my column I’ll be talking to you guys about everything from the latest trends, to DIY projects, relationship advice and everything in between! Thanks for checking me out and be sure to keep up with my column for tips and tricks to make your life at here at Towson roll by just a little smoother.

The first thing I always have around to make things smoother is dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo is the one hair product I make sure to always have on hand.

When it comes to hair care, I really don’t do much. I shampoo and condition, but I pretty much leave it at that.

I think the issue I have is that I wash my hair too much. Some natural oils are good for your hair, but I’ve gotten in the habit of washing my hair every time I take a shower.

After two days of not washing, my hair starts to produce too many natural oils. I love that I can use a little dry shampoo and my hair is instantly refreshed, looks clean and I can go another day without washing.
When you’re blonde and you run out of dry shampoo, the cause for alarm is low because you know that your trusty baby powder will get you through.

If you don’t have light hair, you may think you’re out of options, but you’re not!

Whether you’re blonde, brunette or a redhead, you can DIY an all-natural dry shampoo in seconds, and you only need two ingredients. The main ingredient for all three hair colors is oil-absorbing cornstarch.
If you have brown hair, mix in a little carob powder or unsweetened cocoa powder. The darker your hair is, the more powder you should add.

For red hair, use equal parts cinnamon and cornstarch. You’ll have a faint scent of cinnamon, but nothing overpowering. You can add a few drops of any essential oil to lessen the aroma, if desired.

For blondes and white-haired beauties, all you need is the cornstarch, plus a drop or two of whatever essential oil you wish to use as fragrance.

Take all of your ingredients and add them to a bowl or food processor. Mix the ingredients into a fine powder with either a food processor or a fork, and pour the mixture into a closed container.

The best way to apply the dry shampoo to your hair is with a blush brush, or other soft makeup brush. Dip your brush into the dry shampoo, and then tap off the excess.

Less is more when it comes to using dry shampoo!

Take the brush and dab your roots with the dry shampoo. You can section off your hair to pinpoint the oily parts. Let sit for 2 minutes, and then brush out the powder.

I like to run my fingers back and forth at my roots to add in some extra volume and make sure the dry shampoo is really worked in.

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