Tapingo adds Au Bon Pain, Starbucks

By: Kristen Zdon, Staff Writer


Tapingo, an app for mobile ordering for Towson campus dining has added Au Bon Pain and Starbucks to its serviceable locations, according to Chartwells Marketing Director Beth Valle.

“I am excited for Au Bon Pain to be a part of Tapingo because that is my favorite dining on campus and I always wait a long time in lines when I can just order ahead and skip the lines for my food and have to pay,” senior information technology major Kurt Anderson said.

Valle said Outtakes will be added to Tapingo hopefully before spring break.

“It is not going to be everything in the store, it’s going to be packages and different things that we know that we have every week because our inventory changes,” Valle said. “It is taking a little bit more work because it’s not a set menu, pricing changes, but that I know is the place they are working on next.”

Tapingo came to campus last fall and [Dining Services is] working in stages to spread it to new locations, Valle said.

“The plan is to just to continue to grow it, continue to add more locations, spread the word to use it,” Valle said. “We get a lot of meal plan users to use it, so there is an opportunity for us to get more commuter students to use it.”

Valle said that she has not heard any negative feedback from students. At the end of the fall semester, there were about 2,600 students registered and about 8,000 total orders, she said.

“I think [Tapingo is] a great way to modernize our campus. It’s efficient and saves a lot of time which is something us students don’t have much of,” senior marketing major Joe Bachir said. “It’s obvious that smartphones are a part of our everyday lives now and I hope that our university discovers new ways to incorporate them in our everyday routines to make our lives better.”

Valle said they are looking to add cuisine that will be exclusive to Tapingo.

“In the future, we are also looking to add a concept, probably out of Susq, that will just be available on Tapingo so you couldn’t walk up and order from it,” Valle said. “It would be Tapingo-only concepts, so, that will be a nice feature in the future.”

This feature will be implemented either this semester or next semester, according to Valle.

“I think the biggest thing is just trying to spread the word to the commuter students. They are the ones who are usually in a hurry and get out of campus or they go off campus to eat,” Valle said. “It is a great feature for them. You know, 15 minutes before class ends [students can] send their order in and that way they can pick it up on the way out and don’t have worry about waiting in line or going somewhere after they leave campus.”




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