Tex-Mex restaurant replaces Paws grill

By: Phaedran Linger, Contributing Writer

Photo by Brendan Felch

The on-campus dining option of Paws was replaced at the start of the spring semester by Tex-Mex style restaurant, Los Fuegos, due to current renovation and construction changes going on within the University Union.

“Recently, our back of house storage space became even more limited by construction, so a change was necessary to keep up with volume while also improving speed of service,” said Robert Campbell, associate vice president of financial affairs and auxiliary services at Towson University. 

Los Fuegos used to be located in the Union’s Patuxent Bistro but was removed also due to construction. 

Paws was previously a popular option among TU students as people would crowd around the area waiting for their food. But ever since Los Fuegos took over, Campbell said that customer wait times have gone down. 

“Since the change, we have timed customers and found that we are averaging two minutes per order  — from the time the customer reaches the grill, to the completion of their transaction,” Campbell said. “This is much better than previous wait times and should only get better as the semester progresses.”

According to Campbell, a survey was sent to students during the fall semester to determine if customers preferred a Chipotle-style concept or a Five Guys-inspired menu.

“55% voted for the Chipotle-themed menu, versus 45% for Five Guys, and 5% for ‘other,’” Campbell said.

Paws was known for being the late-night hangout spot of Towson with a pub-style menu selection including fries, burgers, nachos, sandwiches and sweets. The café space hosts events, has pool tables and a large dining area.

 “When I was a freshman, Paws used to be the spot,” said Aisha Olemba, now a TU junior. “Paws used to be where people would dance and they had music playing, but now I just feel like it’s more convenient, to kind of eat real quick.”  

TU junior, Vincent Garguilo also used to attend Paws frequently.

 “I haven’t tried the new food, but I liked how the old menu for Paws was because it had more options.” Garguilo said. “The Chipotle-type set-up may be a good idea. I had good memories from Paws, me and my friends would go and play pool.”

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