Thank you for giving me my voice

By Dylan Brennan, Columnist

Every day, I would walk into the Liberal Arts building with an arm full of newspapers. I’d often be asked if I read all the newspapers I would carry, and I’d always tell them that if I wrote for a newspaper, I may as well read newspapers, too. Throughout my three years writing at The Towerlight, I have not only learned how to be a better writer, but a better reader, better thinker, and all-around better person.

I went from practically spreading backwash from other journalists and activists to creating my own style of writing, my own voice and own opinions to share with Towson.

It has been my privilege being your political columnist since the last election, and I wish only the best for the next columnist with the 2020s. Throughout my experiences, I have refined my knowledge about politics, both nationally and internally, and have become more secure about my beliefs and values that no amount of logos or presumptions will impose upon me. While I have been writing under the libertarian brand, I started out under a republican tag. I feel that I have emerged from the shackles of both and transcended into my own person.

I started out living off nothing but populism and political violence, but you don’t grow big and strong off low-hanging fruit and red meat. You must explore the world, not fixate only on its negatives. Focus not on what is wrong, but how to fix it – that is my advice to anyone miserable with the state of politics today or any day.

As for my future, I’ll continue to feel happy to discuss politics either in person or on paper. Perhaps I’ll start a blog, perhaps I’ll join another media outlet. All I know is that I have a long life ahead of me, and it has been my calling to focus on politics. With you, I leave a quote from the song ‘Trouble’ by Cage the Elephant that has become somewhat of a theme song for my career here on the newspaper and life in general: “Got so much to lose. Got so much to prove. God don’t let me lose my mind.”

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