The 10 best songs you’ve never heard

By Chloë Williams, Columnist

Listening to your favorite songs is the best, but think of all the music out there you haven’t heard. Expand your horizons today with this list of songs that I almost guarantee you’re not familiar with. Who knows — you might find your new favorite track!

1. “Flowers and Birds” by Flowers and Birds

“Flowers and Birds” is the ultimate hippie feel-good song. This song presents an acoustic feel with guitar, bass, tasteful vibraslap and cheery group vocals. Whether you’re taking a pleasant walk through campus, studying on the lawn, or de-stressing in your dorm, turn on “Flowers and Birds” for the perfect session of serenity. You might even find yourself resonating with the heartfelt lyrics, “Can’t have too many good jams/Can’t have too many good friends.”

2. “Seven Circles” by Statues of Cats

With a chiming piano, faraway vocals, chill beat and an unforeseen electric guitar, this song will hook you from the start. “Seven Circles” experiments with different feels all throughout the piece while still staying true to the main theme. This song is a unique piece and definitely one to add to your daily playlist.

3. “Any Day” by New Beat Fund

This song uniquely blends an electronic reggae-inspired feel with a funky pop chorus.  You are almost guaranteed to get a laugh out of “Any Day;” the premise of the song is a guy trying to get away from a girl who has become a little obsessive, or in lead singer Burnie Baker’s words, “[lost] her noodles.” Clean guitar matches well with a catchy drumbeat to create a song that is meant to have you dancing along.

4. “Daisy Eyes” by I Know Leopard

“Daisy Eyes” is the perfect song to bring out the “hipster trash” in you. The song fades into a funky guitar rhythm and seriously sick drum beat that later transitions into a spacey, ambient feel. The flow of the song will have you sincerely hooked and wondering what comes next. The vocal effects feel far-away, sending you off and away from here. Even the vocalist sounds as though he is from another era of music, reminiscent of singers from indie bands past.

5. “U Make Me Sick” by HOLYCHILD

This song is one of the best examples of brat pop I have ever come across; which essentially means that it features harsh electronic beats matched with sugary sweet vocals. “U Make Me Sick” pulls off the blending of such opposites with perfection. Seemingly simple, this song is actually catchy, clever and even features a surprise guitar solo.

6. “High School Lover” by Cayucas

This groovy song has a catchy bassline, driving drumbeat and overall chill feel. As an indie rock tune with pop inspiration, it’s sure to give you those hipster vibes we all crave. The vocalist manages to give the lyrics so much punch and bounce while still keeping an overall light mood. The unique background ambience is sure to make you feel like you’re partying with the band.

7. “Rum ‘n’ Cola” by Jenny Broke the Window

“Rum ‘n’ Cola” is a mellow track perfect for slow evenings and rainy days. The tone is wistful, while upbeat handclaps will still have you nodding along in time. This song features a prominent and grooving bass, rock n’ roll drums, lyrical violin and clean guitar patterns. Add in a dark, driving piano and silky-smooth lyrics and you have the recipe for the perfect daily jam.

8. “Cool As You” by The Kenneths

Here is one for all the fast-paced punk lovers. Simple but energetic, this song is action-packed with a gravelly guitar solo, humorous lyrics and punching drum set. This small band from London knows rock ‘n’ roll and this two-minute track is all the proof you need. The song ends with a dramatic cry out, “I just wanna be as cool as you!”

9. “Fire!” by Baby Baby

Beginning with bouncy guitar, bass and sleigh bells, this song evolves into an absolute party. The lyrics are sung with dramatic expression by a voice that has an excitable and unfamiliar delivery. The bridge offers a lamenting cry out to “go home” and turns into a spectacular breakdown finale. A soft “Set my heart on fire” carries the song away into a gentle fading out.

10. “Sheila” by White Reaper

“Sheila” is a driving, dirty punk piece that plays with mellow tones and faraway vocals. The  chorus delivers a chiming tone with an almost shuffle-like feel. After a guitar and drum outcry, two ascending guitar lines present themselves; one high and loud, one darker and gravelly. “Sheila” has a flirtation with multiple music styles that makes it a piece that can appeal to any taste.

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