The case against Kavanaugh

By: Ryan Kirby, Columnist

On Thursday, Sept. 27, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee to discuss the allegations of sexual assault against Judge Kavanaugh when they were in high school. Dr. Ford exhibited immense bravery and delivered a powerful opening statement about the trauma she experienced. Judge Kavanaugh delivered an emotional opening statement loaded with anger and tears. Judge Kavanaugh should not sit on the Supreme Court. I believe Dr. Ford.   

Thursday’s hearing put the sexism that exists within the GOP on full display. A panel of 11 old, white men had the responsibility of questioning Dr. Ford about the traumatic experience that has haunted her for decades. Realizing the optics of the situation the GOP called in Rachell Mitchell, a sexual crimes prosecutor in Maricopa County, to question Dr. Ford on their behalf. When it was Kavanaugh’s turn to answer questions, the Senate Republicans had no problem using their time to defend Brett Kavanaugh and shift the blame onto Democrats and Dr. Ford. Most notably, Sen. Graham of South Carolina, erupted into a temper tantrum where he accused Democrats of playing a political game with Dr. Ford’s confidentiality by releasing the information when it was politically opportune for them, which has been proven false on multiple accounts. Sen. Graham even threatened to create false allegations of sexual assault to stop future Democratic nominees. It is this type of behavior from the GOP that keeps women from speaking out. Blaming women for speaking out and making up false accusations to muddy the waters are one of the many reasons why 63 percent of victims don’t speak out about sexual assault. If the GOP actually cared about women, then they would take Dr. Ford’s testimony more seriously.

Not only have the Senate Republicans put their blatant sexism on full display, but they risk decreasing American trust in the Supreme Court. Judge Kavanaugh displayed his blatant partisanship and lack of emotional restraint that makes him fundamentally unqualified for a lifetime appointment on our nation’s highest court. Chief Justice Roberts’ described his role on the Supreme Court would be, “to call balls and strikes,” showing he planned to keep the Supreme Court an apolitical branch of government. Judge Kavanaugh’s forty-five minute opening statement was spent in large part accusing Democrats of intentionally falsifying the sexual harassment claim as a last ditch effort to stop his nomination and as revenge for the Ken Starr Investigation into Clintons. Given how Kavanaugh has displayed such a high level of partisanship he is incapable of “calling balls and strikes,” in any manner that would be deemed fair and level headed. Not to mention, if Dr. Ford had acted even half as angry and emotional as Kavanaugh, she would instantly be attacked for her behavior as an overly emotional female, whereas Judge Kavanaugh is credited with being “passionate.”

Kavanaugh’s testimony also demonstrated his ability to lie under oath, a federal crime, which is yet another issue that would disqualify him from a Supreme Court seat. With limited space it is impossible to discuss the large number of lies made during hours of testimony, but they primarily revolve around his sexual behavior, drinking habits and social circle. Kavanaugh had a number of common sexual slang terms in his yearbook, which he explained away as innocent jokes for flatulence and drinking games. Kavanaugh claimed he was of the legal drinking age in Maryland when he was not and multiple classmates from Georgetown Prep and Yale have discussed his habit of over drinking and becoming violent when drunk. Kavanaugh even denied having known Dr. Ford in high school even though his own calendars show him routinely hanging out with her then boyfriend “Squi.” Again, these are just some of the many misleading and blatantly false statements Kavanaugh made under oath. Kavanaugh chose to lie, because admitting he was a sexually promiscuous and avid drinker would ruin his credibility as a witness.

Dr. Ford presented an exceedingly credible description of her trauma, which no one should ever endure, while Judge Kavanaugh presented an anger filled tirade built upon lies and misleading statements. It is almost impossible for us to know the truth of what happened between Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh, but it is imperative that the U.S. Senate hold the Supreme Court to a higher standard and find another candidate who will not bring permanent damage to the image of nation’s highest court. If the Republican Senate chooses to continue on their shortsighted path of forcing Judge Kavanaugh down the throats of the American people, then it is the role of the people to vote every single member of the Republican Party out of office because they are fundamentally incapable of protecting the interests of all Americans.


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