The impact of TU

By: David Marks, Baltimore County Councilman 

I would like to welcome the students, faculty and administrators of Towson University for the 2017-2018 academic year. 

It is difficult to imagine our community without Towson University or Goucher College. These institutions of higher learning are not only centers for education and culture, but they employ thousands of workers and reinforce our local economy. According a report from Towson University’s Regional Economic Studies Institute, Towson University has generated a total of $139.4 billion in output and $102.8 billion in wages since 1866, and supported more than 34,876 jobs as of 2014.

These are exciting times for Towson. Whole blocks of Downtown Towson are being redeveloped, with new housing, retail and office construction. My goal is to increase the linkages between Towson University and the downtown core. I applaud the work that President Kim Schatzel and her office have done to strengthen the relationship between Towson University and its neighbors.

Many students live in established communities, and for the most part, these students are good neighbors. Last year, the Baltimore County Council approved legislation that targets unruly disturbances, and since that time, there has been a 50 percent decrease in complaints. We are making progress, and I ask that students do everything they can to help keep the peace in Towson.

Once again, welcome to Towson!

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