The perfect way to spend an autumn day

By: Brooke Foundas, Columnist

Views expressed in opinion columns are the author’s own.

My favorite time of the year is finally here. It’s autumn baby! It’s time to show off your fall fashion, light your fall candles, and participate in your favorite fall activities. Personally, fall is the season I look forward to the most because I prefer to be comfortably warm in jeans and a sweater rather than shorts and a tank top. Plus, this is also when my best fashion sense comes to life. I woke up this morning, checked the weather, threw on my white booties, white turtle neck bodysuit, and a flowy maroon dress. Don’t get me wrong, although I absolutely love fall, I do not like the cold just like I do not like the heat. 

Winter is my least favorite season unless it decides to snow every day until Spring comes around. If the temperature is going to be below freezing, I can only tolerate it if snow is falling from the sky. Good thing that all of our classes will be online for the remainder of the semester so I do not have to bundle up and walk to class. Something about the bitter winter cold and harsh winds contributes to my awful seasonal depression, but for the meantime, I will happily absorb this 50 degree weather for the next two-three months. 

I’ll start with the obvious… pumpkin spice. First, let me just say that I promise that I am not pumpkin spice crazy like some other Starbucks lovers, but I do have a weakness for an occasional pumpkin-flavored drink. My goto is an iced chai tea latte with pumpkin and almond milk. I’m not a huge coffee fan but a good caffeinated tea will do the trick just fine. Similarly to drinking eggnog around the holidays, I also enjoy fresh apple cider and I only need one glass to get my fix for the year! Last October, my friends and I visited Weber’s Cider Mill Farm in Parkville, MD where we were able to choose our pumpkin directly from the patch and purchase yummy apple cider, along with interacting with farm animals and completing a corn maze that we enjoyed as well. This year we will just have to enhance our pumpkin patch outfits with a stylish mask. 

Within the next few weeks, my lovely boyfriend Dylan and I plan on doing all the pleasurable autumn activities together. We plan on going outdoor wine tasting with my best friend Tori and her boyfriend, going to a drive-in movie theatre to watch “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “Kindergarten Cop,” and going apple picking. Trust me, I’ve already chosen my outfit for each event too! Even though I love spending quality time with the people in my life, I definitely consider myself a homebody at times. I’m looking forward to relaxing outside on my balcony, playing Taylor Swift’s new album “folklore” in the background, and rereading my favorite book by Jodi Picoult, “Nineteen Minutes”. 

If I had to mention one characteristic about autumn that I dislike, it is the spider cricket fiasco my roommates and I have to manage. Each year, during this time, spider crickets tend to find our apartment extremely homey. They like to sneak in, hide under our furniture, and hop around at the most inconvenient times. Raid is basically our best friend at the moment. Even the exterminators mention that there is not much prevention they can do so we all try to sleep with one eye open! Ultimately, these spider crickets may put a small damper during my favorite season, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. As long as you are safe and wearing your masks, I encourage you to participate in your favorite fall activities too!

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