The return of PP&P: NFL Predictions with Tom Judd

After some brief consideration and a discussion with our general manager, The Towerlight has decided to bring back an old favorite: Punt, Pass and Pick.

For those of you who have missed out on years of PP&P, here is a brief rundown of how the column will work. Each week, a campus celebrity of my choosing and I will pick five games going on around the NFL for Punt, Pass and Pick bragging rights.

Now, I was told I was supposed to talk a little bit of smack to the campus celebrity each week, but I am not very good at trash talk. So, I will give it my best shot.

Without further ado, our campus celebrity this week is Tom Judd, former sports editor at The Towerlight and creator of the Punt, Pass and Pick column. What better way to bring back the column than to pick against the man who started it all?

Looking back at the old Punt Pass and Pick columns in The Towerlight archives, Tom used to take his opponents to school. Sorry Tom, but this week I’ll be the one teaching you a thing or two about your own creation!

NFL Week 4

1. Indianapolis (1-2) at Jacksonville (0-3)
Cope: Indianapolis. The NFL should be paying fans in London to watch this game, not the other way around. From the ever so “powerful” AFC South division, Indianapolis will prevail.
Judd: Indianapolis. If you wonder why the rest of the world has not jumped on the NFL bandwagon, it might because of the “outstanding” matchup they have sent to England to start the season. At least Jacksonville fans will no longer be the only ones to think they overpaid for their ticket.

2. Cleveland (0-3) at Washington (1-2)
Cope: Washington. A sure-to-be thriller in the NFL this week! Both teams are just bad. Sorry, Cleveland and Washington fans. Homefield advantage and the dysfunctional Cleveland organization is what gives Washington the advantage.
Judd: Washington. The RGIII Bowl! Both franchises long for their Earnest Byner days and 2016 is not looking good for either, but the edge goes to Washington.
3. Oakland (2-1) at Baltimore (3-0)
Cope: Oakland. I am a diehard Ravens fan, but the team has just not shown that they can beat good football team yet. Oakland is turning the corner with Derek Carr under center. I want to, but I just can’t pick the Ravens to win this one.
Judd: Baltimore. These two teams are probably one and two in terms of penalties over the last two decades. Unfortunately, it’s only the fans that will be penalized for having to watch this game.

4. New York Giants (2-1) at Minnesota (3-0)
Cope: Minnesota. This was the toughest one to pick, but it is hard to bet against the defense-minded guru Mike Zimmer in the Vikings new stadium.
Judd: New York. Despite the rumors, the Giants are no bigger than any other team, including the Vikings. However, when picking between two aging quarterbacks, I’ll take the one that has actually done something.

5. New Orleans (0-2) at San Diego (1-2)
Cope: San Diego. Tom is right to insert the Ron Burgundy line here, but the Saints just don’t play well on the road. I am probably going to regret this pick, but I’ll take the Chargers at home.
Judd: New Orleans. I think Ron Burgundy said it best: “San Diego, German for whale’s vagina.”

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