The Towerlight’s big, fat Greek (life) column

By: Ali Hinman, columnist

What’s up, everyone? My name is Ali Hinman and I’m a junior here.

My major is speech pathology, but I’m planning on being the next Amy Schumer. We’re both blonde Towson Tigers who tell vulgar jokes on stage to strangers in our free time. She gets paid a little more than I do, though.

On campus, you can find me on the second floor of the library distracting my friends from their work. I love “Sex and the City,” and since I have always likened myself to Carrie Bradshaw, I’m especially excited to have my own column now.

I’ve been given the absolute privilege of writing about my big fat Greek life, which is one that I never thought I would have.

When looking at colleges, I purposely picked one with a small Greek life. I was completely against joining a sorority. I was the girl who thought “girls were too much drama” and “sororities were just cliques you paid to be in.”

Freshman year was my reawakening. I was just pumped to be able to go places without my mom asking me where I was going. I would just walk around, rubbing my grubby paws together because no one knew where I was.

On one of these rebellious walks, I found myself at a sorority tabling event. I tried to sneak by unnoticed, but I accidentally made eye contact with a girl who was on her game.

With no valid reason to slip away and an intuitive need to get to know all the humans ever, I talked to her. I saw how passionate she was about her sisters and the philanthropy work that they do together.

I had always been on a team in high school, and rushing seemed like I was joining a team, but with a stunning lack of sprints. Since rushing, I have become a sister, a little, a big, a standup comedian, a consistent member of the Dean’s List, a paid writer, a columnist for The Towerlight and an all-around more confident woman.

As cheesy and obnoxious as it is, I really owe it to my sisters.

I spend my life trying to find the humor in everything, and there’s plenty of that in college, especially Greek life. This semester, i’ll be writing hip and #relatable columns that any student can laugh at until they forget about all the homework they haven’t done yet.

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