There is another way to look at love and sex

Father Matt Buening, Campus Catholic Ministry

Now that I know the Towerlight is not scared to publish radical and different notions about love and sex, as seen in the most recent issue, I have hope that this letter to the editor might be published as well.  For I have the most radical, different, and challenging ideas about sex.

I dare to believe that sexual activity is a beautiful coronation and a most powerful expression of a deep abiding love that has been solemnly committed to for a lifetime.  I think sex should not be between strangers or acquaintances or friends with benefits.

I believe that no one should be drunk or high when having sex.  I strongly believe that unless you want to have and raise a child with the person you would be wise to not have sex with him/her.  Ultimately, I believe sex is an amazing gift from God.  It is the most intimate and sacred way we can express to someone how much we love them with our very bodies.

I realize that this view of sex is radical and completely counter to the culture we currently live in.  I know that to see sex as sacred and special flies in the face of a society that sees it only as recreational and inconsequential.  It takes extra effort, courage, and fortitude to save sex for the special person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

I simply write to share this crazy notion of sex and to encourage any students who may feel that treating sex as a leisure activity with people you don’t truly love has left them wounded, confused, hurting, or has caused broken hearts and friendships – Asset 3.  Don’t think that you have to fall in line and conform to the way everyone else around you is thinking about love, be daring and think differently.  Challenge yourself and your friends to a new way of thinking about sex.  One that won’t lead to embarrassing stories, unwanted pregnancies, STDs, and scars in your soul.  Take up the challenge to look at sex as an awesome and amazing gift.

Once you start living this way you might be surprised to find out this “new” idea is actually very old.  It is the way that Jesus Christ taught His Church about sex and love.  For more information or any questions feel free to reach me at Catholic Campus Ministry.  Thanks and God Bless!

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