These spooky movies and TV shows will give you the “Netflix and Chills”

By: Victoria Nicholson, Art Director

It’s that time of the year again, where all you want to do is light some fall scented candles, throw on a cozy sweater, and stay in bed. Not only is the fall season here, but so is spooky season! It’s time to get frightened in the comfort of your own home. Invite over that new person you’re crushing on, pop some popcorn, and get ready for some Netflix and Chills.

Here are some spooky movies and TV shows on Netflix to check out this Halloween.

  • Santa Clarita Diet: Let’s be honest, anything that stars Drew Barrymore is a hit. This Netflix horror-comedy original series follows a modern day family. Well, besides the fact that the mom developed a flesh-eating bacteria that causes her to eat humans. If you get queasy by the sight of blood, I do not recommend… it gets messy at times.
  • Carrie: Yes, I mean the older version. Imagine being in highschool and getting your period and thinking you’re dying because your mother never taught you about your body. So instead of helping the girl out, the girls in the locker room threw tampons at her. Oh, and that’s just the beginning scene, wait till you see the end. 
  • Cam: This modern day psychological thriller features a successful cam girl until her channel got hacked, by a person who looks exactly like her. This technology driven, sex-positive, alternate dimension movie is everything you need to get brainwashed and contemplate covering your web-cam on your computer. 
  • In the Tall Grass: A Stephen King novel, that recently got turned into a new film for the horror genre, brings you to an open field of literally tall grass. After hearing a cry in the middle of a field, a brother and sister duo fled into the maze of grass that they then find themselves lost in. This movie definitely won’t let me look at fields the same again… including corn mazes at the pumpkin patch. 
  • Sinister: You know those creepy houses you pass on the road that you just know someone died a horrific death in… yeah, this is one of those incidents. Imagine finding tapes in the attic of your new home and discovering that they’re videos of past families that died in the house. Do you like having nightmares and screaming out loud during movies? This is for you.
  • Hush: I don’t think I’ve ever watched a movie, let alone a thriller, that is based around having no sound. A deaf woman, who lives in the middle of the woods alone, gets an uninvited visitor one night who preys around her house. This movie will leave you screaming at the TV “turn around!” to try and help the poor girl out.
  • Black Mirror: Not really into scary movies or shows? Black Mirror offers so much more but stills brings on some chills. This modern day twist on the show “The Twilight Zone” gives viewers everything from drama, suspense, and science fiction. Each episode feeds you with new actors and stories and each ending can make you feel ridiculously open-minded and like you’ve seen a glimpse of the future. 
  • The Conjuring: Horror movies that are based off of true stories already terrify me. Paranormal investigators provide help to a family that has been experiencing demonic spirits inside of their farmhouse. Little did the family know that they’d just be adding fuel to the fire by bringing investigators into their house. Be prepared for many, many jumpscares. Oh, did I mention that there are jumpscares already?
  • Scream: Alright, so this one is a duo choice providing both a movie and TV show to check out. First and foremost, you have the classic movie series “Scream” and also Netflix’s new original TV series called Scream. This movie introduced my favorite horror villain and provided us with four sequels! No murderer can compete with the simplisticity of a black cloth robe. Scream the TV series ties together everything that the movies did as well but brings more of a modern vibe to it, and what’s better than watching Bella Thorne get killed off in the opening scene.  
  • American Horror Story: I saved the best for last… even though I am completely biased because I have followed this series for years now. The series introduces a new concept to TV: same actors but different characters and stories for each new season. Not only will you get attached to Evan Peters, but with how each season is made so perfectly, with the right amount of twists and turns. Hands down my favorite season is “Coven.”  

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