This week’s cover story

By: Cody Boteler, Senior Editor

Our cover story this week is an update on the efforts of the University and university officials regarding the list of demands, presented by the #OccupyTowson students, that then-Interim President Tim Chandler signed in November.

A lot of the information was obtained from a sit down meeting between Provost Chandler and Vice President for Student Affairs Deb Moriarty and myself, our editor-in-chief, Carley Milligan, and our news editor, Sam Shelton.

Other bits of the story came from interviews with members of the student government, members of the University System of Maryland and students who organized the protests at Towson.

I wish that the story could be more comprehensive. I wish we could dedicate an entire story to each issue that was raised. Unfortunately, we don’t, right now, have the time or the editorial manpower to make that happen in one issue of The Towerlight.

Besides, it would severely disrupt the balance of content in the issue. A piece like that would, probably, force us to go a week without a sports or an arts and life section.

Instead, we’ve got a more condensed story so that we’re able to touch on all the issues. Over the coming weeks, we’ll look more in-depth at some of the issues, so that we can give them the coverage and explanations that they deserve.

This is an exciting time to be a Towson student. The SGA will soon vote on a new constitution. The administration is, in some really significant ways, responding to the voices on campus calling for change.

If you’ve got questions or comments about our coverage, just let us know. We love getting letters to the editor. We love getting comments.

If you’ve got questions or comments related to the demands that you want to direct to an administrator, we were told that your best bet is to go through Ray Feldmann, the director of communications and media relations. He’s said that he’ll help direct students toward the right office for what they want to talk about.

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