Top beauty products to survive the summer

By: Kerry Ingram, Arts & Life Editor
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Now that Maryland has finally made up its mind in regard to the weather it chooses to display, it’s finally starting to feel like spring. The late-arrived warm weather means goodbye to bulky layers of clothing, and hello to cut-offs and trendy sandals. This season always brings along a sense of ease with fashion, but that shouldn’t just stop with your wardrobe; your beauty routine needs an overhaul, too. Here are the 10 beauty items you need this summer to look sweltering hot (minus the melting).


  1. Primer. This makeup must-have is great regardless of whether or not you’re brave enough to meet the hot temps with foundation or a clear face. As someone who advocates for skin care over layers of makeup, I still use a primer to act as a “softening filter” for the skin. Usually made with silicone bases, primers help your makeup to last longer throughout the day, while also smoothing the skin’s surface. Using a priming spray, such as the Smashbox Primer Water easily ensures that your makeup will last all day.
  2. Concealer. From brightening dark circles to covering blemishes, concealer can help fake a flawless complexion. When placing under the eyes, keep it no more than one to two shades lighter than your complexion; when concealing on the face, the product’s color should be the same as your complexion (this seems like common-sense, but you’d be surprised how many people use the same concealer for both purposes, which doesn’t always work). A matte concealer will help keep any added oil at bay, while a more hydrating formula, like Nars’ Radiant Creamy Concealer, helps create a naturally glowy appearance.
  3. Bronzer. Bronzers help to add warmth and structure back to the skin, and one with a cool undertone will prevent you from appearing orange (something that has NEVER BEEN OKAY – we are not auditioning to be cast in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” or “Jersey Shore,” folks. That time has passed). Too Faced Cosmetics’ Chocolate Soleil bronzers have cool undertones, just enough to create a more realistic bronze. When applying bronzer, apply it lightly just below the cheekbones (ALWAYS BLEND UP) and on the outer portions of the face for a sun kissed look.
  4. Highlighter. Who doesn’t want to look like a glazed donut during the summer? Applying highlighter to the areas where the sun naturally hits will add a freshness back into your face, and it’s one of the few products where the user has complete control as to how the look turns out. Use this lightly on for a natural radiance, or apply heavily for a glazed finish. Either way, you’re guaranteed to look amazing!
  5. Water-Resistant Mascara. These types of mascaras are great because they won’t smudge or smear throughout the day, but they aren’t as hard to take off as their waterproof rivals. Benefit Cosmetics’ They’re Real Mascara and Roller Lash Mascara are two of my favorite for this purpose. Both provide long-lasting length and volume to the lashes, minus the clumping or hassle.
  6. Deodorant. Guys, don’t get roasted this summer. The weather is warmer, the sun will be beaming and bright; the last thing anyone wants is to smell you from miles away. Although gel-based deodorants offer a more cooling application with a transfer-free finish, solid deodorants work just as well. Either way, this shouldn’t be optional in the summer…or any other time throughout the year.
  7. Dry Shampoo – With a rise in temperatures comes a rise in humidity, sweat, and hair struggles. Although dry shampoo should never be your only option to refreshing your hair, washing your hair every day is just as bad, for both your strands and your scalp. Dry shampoos can help maintain your hair between washes, and more brands are creating mousse versions of the product to allow for textured and darker-hued hair to join in the fun.
  8. SPF – Another product that should never be an option no matter the time of year, sun protection will save your skin in the long run. Known as one of the top anti-agers, SPF will protect your skin from the sun’s radiation, which if exposed to for long periods can lead to permanent damage, hyperpigmentation, and possibly even melanoma. No matter how much melanin you naturally possess, everyone needs it. Don’t go outside much and spend most of your time indoors? You still need SPF – a lot of internal lighting and blue light from technology emits the same damaging rays as the sun (in smaller intervals, however with increased exposure, you’re still at risk).
  9. Your Perfect Mask – Masks are like little parties for your skin – they take some preparation, your skin is guaranteed to have a good time once they’re on, and when it’s all over you have positive things to reflect on. It’s nearly a well-known fact: skin likes masks. Whether that be in the form of a peel-off versus rinse-off, or a hydrating versus mattifying mask all depends on individual skin needs, however once you find your perfect mask, stick with it. It’ll come in handy when your skin is in need of a pick-me-up from the warm and hot weather.
  10. Setting Spray – Setting sprays help to finish off everything on the face, and can act as a cooling refresher during the summer season. Evian facial mist is one of the most popular versions of this product, used by all people to cool and hydrate the skin when nothing else can. Use a setting spray to treat your face and seal in any makeup so that you can go out into the world and enjoy the summer sun, carefree.

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