Towson student aims for pop stardom

By: Suzanne Stuller, Contributing Writer
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Towson University has numerous alums that have scored fame and fortune post-graduation – Amy Schumer, who graduated from Towson University in 2003, became a famous comedian; Brian Stelter, who graduated in 2007, became a famed journalist; Jermond Bushrod, a TU alum, went on to become a football player for the NFL.

From gymnasts to broadcast reporters to public officials, some Towson alums have been able to achieve their wildest dreams. TU senior Britt Marie plans to continue that pattern.

A music major at Towson, Brittany Marie Hadaway (who uses “Britt Marie” as her stage name) hopes to become the next pop music sensation. Marie has been writing songs ever since she was three years old and recently released her first pop single, “Addicted to You”, in early August. Despite her connection with music from an early age, this new single is different from the others she’s written throughout the years.

“I’ve had a few songs here and there where I’m like ‘Oh they’re good,’” Marie said.  “But this was the first song that I was like, ‘This is a banger, I got to put it out there.’ And I was so proud of it.”

According to Marie, “Addicted to You” was inspired by a guy in her life who she had feelings for at the time of writing the song. As of now, they are still good friends.

“I was feeling a lot of emotions and couldn’t put it into words,” Marie said. “I found it best to put it through music. It’s not necessarily things that happened, but a dramatization of things that I wished could happen.”  

Brandy Coates, a senior at Towson University believes “Addicted to You” is a relevant song.

“I think it captures how a lot of women have felt towards a man at some point,” Coates said. “[That] makes the song more authentic.”

Marie wanted to base her song on the idea of passion and lust towards a man.

           “I really want to show the world the story of infatuation,” Marie explained. “Like how you can be not necessarily in love with someone, but [with] the idea of someone and wanting them in your life so badly, but no matter what you do, it’s not enough. You know he’s no good for you, but it’s the addiction. And I think everybody goes through that at one point in their life.”

 Marie was inspired by her two favorite artists: Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande.

 Justin started with YouTube and that’s what I started to do for a really long time, and then he wrote his own music,” Marie said. “Ariana still writes her own music and she has a voice; it’s very unique. You hear a song on the radio and you’re like ‘Oh, that’s Ariana Grande.’ She doesn’t sound like somebody else.”

Mary Beth Eisinger, another senior at Towson University, believes that Marie’s voice is unique and catchy, making her stand out from other artists.

“I like that Britt’s vocals and lyrics make the song,” Eisinger said. “Most pop songs rely solely on [a] catchy beat and that’s it.”

Marie is currently working on a music video to go along with “Addicted to You.” Her video features Nick Zuelsdorf, a singer from Towson’s a cappella group, Towson Trills, as the main character.

“The music video is still in the process,” Marie said. “We don’t have an exact release date. I’m still waiting for a solid director right now, but I want to tell my story. I want to have Nick to only show up in flashbacks until the very end of the music video. I really want to show the world the story of infatuation.”

Marie plans to go big with her singing career and hopes to go on tour one day.

“My long term goal is a Grammy for sure,” Marie shared. “But [my] short term goal, honestly…I’d really like to tour. I love playing music; I haven’t really been able to do it in a while just because of myself. I’ve been holding myself back, but I’d really like to tour and work with other people.”

Marie encourages other songwriters to continue with their music and never give up along the way.

“It’s going to take bad songs to get a good song,” Marie said. “I think that’s what discourages a lot of people. It’s definitely going to take a few songs.”

“You’ll get frustrated, and might not be able to come up with a bridge or second verse, but hold it, and go back to it later,” Marie added. “My biggest thing is, as cliché as it is, don’t give up, and keep doing it, because then you’ll get that one ‘Addicted to You.’”

You can find Britt Marie on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music, and follow her on Instagram and Twitter @thebrittmarie for more updates on her music.

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