Towson U an apparent target of white nationalist “day of the flyer”

By: Cody Boteler, Editor-in-Chief

Towson University officials said Wednesday that they plan to alert TU and Baltimore County police departments to a possible white nationalist poster and flyer-hanging campaign that will allegedly occur later this month.

On Tuesday, Mikael Kristiansen of the Baltimore General Defense Committee contacted The Towerlight with a message warning a “national day of flyer-hanging ” to advertise white nationalist views was being organized, and that Towson University had been “mentioned as a target.”

“I work with a local antifascist/antiracist group who is trying to get word out,” Kristiansen said in an email.

The message said that college campuses and other “high traffic areas” were being targeted for a “Day of the Flyer,” April 23. The email message urged people to be “vigilant” during the morning hours on April 23 after 2 a.m.

The warning mentioned included links to other campuses that had been “targeted” by such postering campaigns. The University of Maryland, College Park, recently had a few white nationalist posters appear on its campus.

“We are currently not aware of any reliable intelligence, other than the statements in the flyer, to indicate that Towson University has been identified as a target for this activity,” Senior Director of Communications Ray Feldmann said in a statement. Feldmann added that TUPD would be “aware and alert for this activity, should it occur” and that the information would also be shared with county police.

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