TrueTU wins uncontested SGA election

By: Mary-Ellen Davis, News Editor and Marcus Dieterle, Senior Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Michael McDermott.


The student body of Towson University elected Russhell J. Ford to be the next Student Government Association president with 937 votes. Ford and the rest of her TrueTU ticket ran unopposed.

Rachel Veslany won vice president with 925 votes.

Alex Best won attorney general with 944 votes.

Naimah Kargbo won treasurer with 943 votes.

Chief of staff is not an elected position, but instead is appointed by the SGA president. Danvic Celebrado-Royer ran for chief of staff with the TrueTU ticket and is expected to be appointed to the position by Ford.

Ford said she can’t wait to work with the next SGA administration to make Towson University better for everyone.

“I am … excited to work with these three leaders plus our chief of staff appointment, as well as build the administration,” Ford said. “And I’m more than motivated to work with them and everyone in SGA and to make the school better on a grand scale.”

Veslany said she feels “extremely fortunate” for the opportunity to become vice president and help TU community members achieve what they want to improve about Towson.

“I’m super excited to not only work with the exec board but the rest of the SGA administration because I know there are so many people that have great initiatives that they want to work on and I can’t wait to better our campus and better the Towson community,” she said.

Kargbo said she hopes to help student groups accomplish their goals from a financial standpoint as the next administration’s SGA treasurer.

“I’m excited to really give and put the money that the students put into us back to them, make positive impacts on Towson’s campus through student groups, student leaders…. I’m really excited to work with these special people up here because I know we’re all really hard workers and we’re dedicated to Towson,” Kargbo said.

Best expressed his excitement to be part of next year’s administration.

“I’m ready to start working and start building our administration, and I’m really looking forward to working with these great  leaders,” Best said.

Despite running uncontested, Kargbo said she was thankful for the students who voted for her and the rest of the TrueTU ticket.

“Thank you to everyone that voted for us, that believed in our vision, that believed in us,” Kargbo said. “I know we did go unopposed, but still everyone really believed in us and believes that we will put in the work because they’ve seen us do it.”

Ford echoed Kargbo’s gratitude, thanking students for joining TrueTU on their journey so far and continuing to do so as they move forward.

“Thank you for asking how we feel,” she said. “Thank you for working with us for this campaign, and I guess on our journey as well.”

All seven senatorial candidates won their seats. The senators-elect, in order of number of votes obtained, are:

  •  Marlene Tubera (712 votes)
  • Elnatan Amare (677 votes)
  • Kathryn Foreman (645 votes)
  • Lewis Laury Jr. (632 votes)
  • Maman D. Ndiong (617 votes)
  • Constance Achaleke (615 votes)
  • Keith Swint (583 votes)

There were 18 open senate seats. No candidates ran for justice positions.

The election commission will hold a second election to fill the 11 remaining senate seats and five justice seats, according to Coordinator for Student Organizations Chris Rindosh.

Best encouraged more students to apply for the open senate, justice, director and assistant director positions.

“We’re still looking for people, so if students are looking to get involved this is a great opportunity to do so,” he said.

This second election will operate on an abbreviated timeline. Petitions will begin May 4 and will be due by May 8 at 5 p.m. After the petition deadline, candidates will be able to campaign May 9 and 10. Voting for the second election will open on May 10 at 9 a.m. and close at 5 p.m. the same day, according to Rindosh.

Any amendments to the SGA Constitution require at least 1,000 votes from the student body. This year’s amendments to the constitution were passed with 1,009 votes.

This story has been updated with quotes from the executive board representatives-elect.

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