Trump sinks to a new low

Donald Trump is about to lose the 2016 election, probably by a lot. Polls, pundits and the most respected election predictors are all telling of Trump’s political doom with just two weeks to go before Election Day. Trump is losing, and even he knows it.

Why else would a candidate make completely unfounded claims that the American electoral process is systematically rigged via massive voter fraud? Why claim the game is rigged before it’s even over?

To save face, of course.

In making these completely false claims, Trump shows that he lacks both the emotional maturity and intellectual capacity to even remotely comprehend how damaging such comments are to America’s sense of unity.

Since the Civil War, we have enjoyed a peaceful transition of power, with every single losing presidential nominee graciously conceding the election once it’s clear that the results have gone in favor of their opponent. Trump is incapable of such grace and unwilling to prioritize the safety, unity and morality of the American people before that which is clearly most important to him, his ego.

Like a petulant child who just choked his way to a big loss in a little league game, Trump is blaming the system, screaming mercilessly at the umpires who were just doing their job, ruining the game for everyone else because he didn’t win it. It’s funny to think that, at the end of the day, Trump’s likely-impending loss can be blamed mostly on himself. After all, he did lose three straight presidential debates to Hillary Clinton.

It was almost impossible to imagine that Trump could sink any lower than he had after nine women accused him of sexual assault right in the midst of the fallout from a leaked video which revealed he had privately bragged about assaulting women in the past.

Of course, it’s not the as-of-yet-unproven accusations or even the tape that really makes Trump the single most disgraceful presidential candidate in modern history. It’s his response to them.

Instead of sincerely denying the allegations and acknowledging the seriousness of sexual assault, especially in the context of his comments about women, he joked that one of his accusers was not attractive enough for him to have considered kissing without her consent.

“She would not be my first choice,” Trump said of one of his accusers.

Well, Mr. Trump, it appears as though the American people have the same thing to say about you and the presidency.

Not our first choice.

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