TU announces new campus COVID-19 task tracker

By: Caitlyn Freeman, Associate Editor 

Towson University (TU) announced its new Campus Clearance Tracker focused on helping students, faculty and staff keep track of the required COVID-19 tasks, Feb. 2. 

According to an email sent by the University, the tracker will include tasks such as the daily Tigers Care QuickScan, sentinel tests and other required actions members of the University must complete

“This online tool shows the COVID-19 tasks students must complete, including daily QuickScans, sentinel tests and other required actions,” an email sent by the University reads.. “Individual tasks required are unique to each student.”

According to the University, resident students and those participating in in-person instruction are expected to utilize the application and complete all required tasks. 

“The Campus Clearance Tracker is the tool you need to use to show proof of your campus status,” the University said. 

The tracker includes two status options: clear, which means the student has completed all required tasks, and Restricted, which means the student failed to complete one or more of the required tasks. 

Students should check their status within the tracker daily, as they may be asked to present a “clear” status to gain access to some on-campus locations, including Burdick Hall, Cook Library, residence halls and in-person campus events. 

“Failure to complete tasks in a timely manner may result in restricted access to some campus and indoor spaces,” said the University. “Certain professors may also require proof of a clear status for entry to some in-person classes.” 

Members of the University can use their NetID and Password to gain access to the tracker.

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