TU announces prorated refunds for spring semester

By: Bailey Hendricks, Editor-in-Chief

Towson University announced that they will be issuing prorated refunds for student housing, dining, athletics fee and parking charges for the spring 2020 term, with more details to come next week, according to a campus-wide email issued Friday afternoon. 

The statement comes the same day the University System of Maryland Chancellor Jay Perman released a statement about refunds to all USM institutions. 

“Providing these refunds is a high priority among USM university leaders,” he said. “I thank them for taking this step to support their students and families during this difficult time.”

Perman indicated that this is a way for USM institutions to extend support to students and their families.

“The leaders of our institutions recognize their responsibility to students and families whose lives and financial well-being have been disrupted by this crisis, and the decisions on each campus regarding fee refunds are being guided by that responsibility,” he said.

The University announced that it will also be issuing prorated refunds to faculty and staff for parking. 

“As we are all aware, TU is open but has largely converted to teleworking environment as we continue to place the health and safety of our community as a top priority,” the TU statement read. “Given that change to teleworking, the university has decided to also provide prorated refunds for TU faculty and staff parking.”

TU junior Hannah Sabo is happy to be receiving a prorated refund for her fees and parking pass, but thinks students not involved in athletics should not have to pay an athletic fee in the first place.

“I look forward to getting a refund for my overpriced parking pass that cost nearly $400 ridiculous dollars,” she said. “And I’m lucky enough to have found affordable housing outside of TU’s campus, so I don’t have to worry about getting refunded for housing and meal plans. Personally, I think the athletics fee is a rip off. I do not think under any circumstances that all students should have to pay collective fees like that when they aren’t even involved in groups like that.”

– Matthew Twillman contributed to this article.

– The Towerlight will update this story as more information becomes available.

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