TU announces vaccination deadline, proof of vaccination process, masking requirements and more

By: Grace Coughlan, Senior Editor 
Photo by Meghan Hudson/ The Towerlight

Towson University issued a campus-wide email with more information on the COVID-19 vaccine requirement for the coming fall semester, April 29. The email includes information on proof of vaccination, deadline for vaccination, faculty and staff information, exemptions, course modality and masking. 

“The requirement applies to all individuals (students, faculty, staff, volunteers and vendors) who are working, living, teaching, volunteering or taking a course, as well as utilizing dining halls or using other student activities spaces on campus for the fall,” Provost Melanie Perreault said. 

All students, faculty and staff are expected to be fully vaccinated by Aug. 9.

“Faculty and staff are able to return to campus prior to the fully-vaccinated date regardless of vaccination status,” Perreault said. “The vaccination requirement will not impact the return to pre-pandemic telework policy on July 6.”

Individuals are exempt from the vaccination requirement if they have medical conditions or religious beliefs that interfere with the COVID-19 vaccination. 

“If you request a medical or religious exemption from vaccination, you may submit your request on a designated form through a secure online process available on or before June 1,” said Perreault. 

TU remains partnered with the Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients (CRISP) during the vaccination verification process.

“TU will utilize the state’s CRISP system to access and verify existing vaccination documentation for anyone who has received a vaccine in Maryland and has signed this waiver,” Perreault said. “All TU students, faculty and staff are encouraged to sign the waiver.”

Otherwise, students will have access to vaccine verification documents online by May 7.

According to Perreault, full in-person classes are planned for the return to Fall of 2021. 

“The majority of our classes will be delivered in a face-to-face format as they were prior to the pandemic,” Perreault said. “Students can confirm the modality of any given course as they register for classes. The attendance policies for each class are outlined in the course syllabus.” 

TU is still a “mask-on” campus, requiring all students, faculty and staff to wear masks when they are on-campus. 

“We’ll continue to listen to our community and will do all we can to address concerns and questions as they arise,” Perreault said. “Please submit questions you have for our COVID Response Leadership Team via [email protected] and we’ll do our best not only to answer them directly, but also to provide updated information to all Tigers through Towson.edu/Coronavirus.” 

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