TU gets new food service

By: Annie Sragner, Arts & Life Editor

For anyone who’s already tired of food delivery options around campus, Galley has introduced Towson with a new choice that promises healthy meals delivered in a timely fashion.

“We cook our food fresh from scratch every morning and then we chill our food down, and the meals are delivered chilled,” marketing manager Eli Kamerow said.

By cutting out the prep work, Galley hopes to make local and healthy eating more common for consumers.

“We source as much of our food as we can from local partners,” Kamerow said. “That is a little bit more difficult during the winter months because there isn’t much grown locally.”

During spring and summer, Kamerow said that Galley sources 50-60 percent of their ingredients from local partners.

In addition to the nutritional aspects of their food, Galley also strives to maintain variety with a four-option menu that changes daily.

“We do a different menu every night and we try to have one vegetarian option, one pescatarian option—so some sort of fish or seafood—and then we’ll usually have one that’s chicken and then one dish that’s going to be beef, or pork, or lamb, or pasta or some other miscellaneous dish,” Kamerow said.

Each meal comes with a fixed price as shown on the website that includes tax, delivery fee and tip for the driver.

“Unfortunately, pretty much everyone is familiar with that delivery experience where you order something and it comes an hour and a half later and the bill is $10 more than you expected, and the guy who was late with your food still holds out his hands for a tip,” Kamerow said. “So we’re trying to remove a lot of those pain points and make the delivery experience as frictionless as possible.”

Towson alum and Baltimore operations manager Kelly Desmond works with Galley to ensure the smoothest possible delivery process.

“You can get that meal that’s well balanced in under 30 minutes or less and, before Galley, I don’t think anyone had that experience,” Desmond said. “And they might not have even been aware that that experience could be doable. But we’re doing it.”

Galley offers the option to either schedule when you would like the meal delivered, or to order on-demand style where the meal is delivered within 30 minutes. In the Baltimore area, Galley delivers food from 5:30-8:30 p.m.

Delivered in biodegradable and compostable containers, Galley also provides customers with heating instructions in both PDF form and on the container itself.

“There are two different kinds of plating instructions: there’s one that’s called ‘For You,’ if you’re just eating it yourself. And, there’s a next step up that’s called ‘To Impress,’ and that’s if you want to act like you cooked for somebody on a date, or if you want to make your food Instagram-ready,” Kamerow said.

Galley’s overall goal is to provide the community with a convenient way to get a healthy meal, especially for students who are unable to cook for themselves. 

“If Galley had existed when I was there, it would have almost been, ‘OK, here’s an affordable option, but something that I can mix up,’” Desmond said. “It’s not the normal Chick-Fil-A or pizza—kind of your staple items that are in Towson—but here’s an option that’s affordable, that I can try every single day if I wanted to, but I can get a really well-balanced meal.”

For $10 off your first meal, enter the promo code “TOWSONU” when you create your account on galleyfoods.com.

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